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You can use this page to find out quickly what has changed since the last time you were here. (However, unless I neglect them for a long time, I won't include updates to the various book lists or the diary, since those change all the time.)

2 November 2002

Over the last few months I've been doing a lot of work on the Photos section of the site, but because of the RSI I haven't felt much like updating this page every time I posted a few more photos. Some of the photos have already appeared in diary entries, but most are new, many from trips we've taken recently. Since April there have been several entirely new categories: "UK Day Trips", "Dad's Visit", "Ironbridge Weekend", and "Yorkshire"; most others have had photos added.

13 April 2002

Finished modifying the My Photos page to generate itself in much the same way Stripe's page does. Also added photos from Germany (most of which were already in the diary, but not all) and the Peaks, all of which are completely new!

Also a few more minor fixes to Stripe's page, as working on the photos page has identified possible improvements. (Not problems. Never problems.)

12 April 2002 Small changes to Stripe's page, mostly further automation--the list of photo categories now builds itself. Also I got rid of the form-and-submit-button structure, having found a way to make ordinary links do the same job.
6 April 2002

Stripe now has his own page. Since it's all photos, I've made it a sub-section of Photos. Quite pleased with myself actually, because even this initial upload of Stripe's photos uses the PHP/MySQL database method of generating the pages.

Note that Stripe also has a main page at the root level of the site, which will simply redirect to the page itself. But this means you can get there easily, by going to http://www.ljnelson.com/stripe.

At the moment, there are (ahem) 59 Stripe photos. I hadn't realised we'd got quite that carried away. And no end in sight, either...

9 March 2002

For months now I've been working on updating the work site. (It still said I worked for H&A, you know, and that I might start job-hunting in the UK soon. Not much good bothering to set it up in the first place if I was just going to abandon it.) It all kind of hangs together, so I couldn't post incremental changes, but today I finally finished and uploaded the new pages.

Coincidentally, today I also finished tinkering with MixPix enough that I am willing to release it.

Made some small updates to the Diary About page, to reflect recent coworker changes.

20 November 2001 Updated the US-to-UK Musing again--updates about the Indefinite Leave to Remain process, citizenship; plus a lot of small updates elsewhere. I also tested every single one of the links to external sites and found quite a few broken ones, most of whose new locations I was able to find.
18 November 2001 Had a massive attack of fiddling with the book etc pages.
  • It started by thinking about creating a new page showing my top authors, but there was more than one way to define "top" so it ended up being a flexible query page.
  • While doing this, I worked out how to have a query and its results on the same page, so I revised the custom query page to be a single page as well.
  • During the course of all this, it was again brought to my attention that the "info" links (that take you to Amazon) don't work as well as I'd like; they usually brought up results in zShops and not the actual book itself. Yet more fiddling resulted in a fix for this, so the info links are now much more successful at getting you somewhere meaningful.
  • Noticed that I'd never implemented info links for the music and movie pages, so I added them.
  • And finally, I changed the way I post the downloadable databases. Previously I was just using the entire database, but most of this is back-end queries and code, so now whenever I update a database, I dump a simple table to a separate database so I can upload just that. This keeps the downloadable databases much smaller.
11 November 2001 Finally did something about a problem that's been bugging me since June. To wit, after I automated the book etc lists to generate themselves from a database, the pages themselves always looked like they were never being updated. The "Last Modified" date at the bottom, you see, was manually typed, and therefore didn't change by itself just because I'd made changes to a database. So, today, I finally worked out a way to get the pages to work out the last modified date of the database. This way, you won't think that the pages have been static since June.
5 November 2001 A few more small updates to the US-to-UK Musing, mostly on the subjects of taxes, accountants, leave to remain, and driving licences. And, it's worth mentioning because I've ignored them for so long, I've updated the book etc lists, and finally posted a diary entry.
21 July 2001 More updates to the US-to-UK Musing--updates about the practical driving exam, and a whole new section about implications for retirement.
23 June 2001 Added a custom query page to the book list pages, with which you can query the Books database in your own way, rather than just looking at my canned lists.
17 June 2001 Changed the various book, music and movie list pages from static to dynamic content. The site now uses PHP4 to look up relevant records on the fly from a database. I plan to add custom query capability soon.
9 June 2001 Made a few changes to the US-to-UK Musing, mostly about the driving-licence process.
20 May 2001

Updated the Diary About page, to include coworkers at the new job.

I also added a photo to the Photos - Home page, from my new home in England.

While I was at it, I also redid all the photos on that page from my moving day. The old ones, especially the thumbnails, had terrible jpg artifacts; these ones are at least somewhat improved.

27 April 2001

Added a field to the various book lists, giving a link to an Amazon search for that book. This requires some fine-tuning before it will work for all books.

And, while I was at it, uploaded a slightly modified US-to-UK Musing, with added links to a site where just about any UK tax form can be downloaded.

3 April 2001 Added a few people to the Diary About page.
21 March 2001 Made a few small modifications to the US-to-UK Musing.
7 March 2001 Posted a topic in the Musings section: Moving from the US to the UK.
12 February 2001 Added a review to the Reviews page.
6 February 2001 Updated the Diary About page, and made a few more changes on the Whoami About page.
4 February 2001 Moved the personal site to my new domain.
3 February 2001

Moved the work-related site again, this time to my very own domain!

Also updated the About page.

2 January 2001 Moved the work-related site to my web space on blueyonder. This required updating the links to it on this site. Not exactly an exciting change, I know, and not really a content change either, but I thought I'd mention it here anyway.
30 December 2000 Continuing in the theme of fiddling around with the Movie-related pages, I finally got around to entering some ratings, which in turn led me to create a Movies - By Rating page. In the process I noticed a couple of duplicate movies in the database and eradicated them.
29 December 2000 Changed the layout of the various Movie lists to include Media (VHS or DVD) and Format (NTSC or PAL), now that not everything I buy is VHS and NTSC any more.
16 December 2000

Added pages for Movies - Buying Queue and Music - Buying Queue.

I also added a most-recent-content-change date to the front page of the site.

And a week or more ago, I changed the format of the diary so that the current entry is included in the current month's archive, but I forgot to mention that at the time.

4 December 2000 Updated pictures on the Photos - Home page.
12 November 2000

Added Reviews page under Reading.

Also added this Changes page. Along with the Changes page, I've gone through the rest of the site and put a Last Modified date on each page. Technically they probably all ought to be today, but I've used the last date their content was meaningfully modified.

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