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These are pictures from home. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version.


Well, I don't live here any more. I lived here for 4.5 years, but as of November 2000 I've moved to England. But these are pictures of where I lived until recently.

Building My apartment building (90 KB)
View from balcony View from balcony (72 KB). This is part of the view from my balcony. I'm on the 6th floor, which means I get a nice view. This picture was taken in very early spring.
Books Books (84 KB). The bookshelves in the living room. Yes, I do have more books, although this is most of them.
Living room My living room (71 KB). As you can probably tell, I prefer a minimalist kind of decor. The leather chair is my beloved reading chair; it's so comfortable that it's very easy to sit here and read for a very long time. The sliding glass doors lead out onto the aforementioned balcony.

During the Move

The move to England was a pretty big project, as you can read about in the diary. I moved some stuff to storage, and gave (or threw) a lot away; what was left is being shipped to England. I hired a moving company to do this, since U-Haul refused to quote me a rate to move it to the UK myself. These pictures are from the international move. Three people showed up to pack everything (if I pack it, they won't insure it). They were done and gone in four hours.

Packing dishes Packing dishes (64 KB). See the munchies on the counter in the background? Wow, they went through those like a school of piranha.
Disassembling furniture Disassembling furniture (60 KB). I felt like quite the successful geek because they kept having to borrow my tools.
Wrapping the coffee table Wrapping the coffee table (56 KB). Bonus points for anyone who can identify the spherical object on top of the stack of boxes.
Packing the bedroom Packing the bedroom (62 KB). Just look at all the tape on the disassembled bed parts and bookcases! The noise of three tape guns going at it all at once was incredible.
Loading the truck Loading the truck (94 KB).
Done! Done! (42 KB). Can you hear the echo?


And now I live in England. It's taken me long enough to get around to posting pictures, hasn't it? And even now I'm only doing the one. I'll post more later...

Street Street (213 KB). This is the street we live on, from the vantage point of the front yard. I quite like how it came out; it was one of those brooding-sky-yet-sunny moments that makes all the colors look so sharp. This is a panorama, taken by welding two pictures together. It is probably much wider than your browser. The best way to view it (in my opinion) is to scroll slowly. That way it feels like you're standing in the front yard, turning your head.

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