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Photos - Me

Here are a few wonderful pictures of me. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version.

Really Recent (May/June 2000 UK trip)
Me in Whitehaven Me in Whitehaven (40 KB). I'm outside a mysterious ruined structure of some sort in Whitehaven, in the Lakes District. It was a windy day.
Me at Tre'r Ceiri Me at Tre'r Ceiri (34 KB). I'm on a path climbing to an impressive Iron Age hill fort in Wales.

(Hey! Are you taking a picture of me?!)

Fairly Recent (March 2000)
Lisa3 Lisa3 (61 KB). This was taken on Tom & Linda's deck.
Unimaginably Ancient
Braid Braid (23 KB). This one is very old (1993). This is my hair, back when I still had long hair. My hair was very long for most of my life; I had it cut to its present shortness on 12 November 1997.
Boarding Boarding (84 KB). This is me getting on a Royal Caribbean cruise in November 1997. Still had the long hair...
Cayman Cayman (80 KB). This is me the day after The Great Haircut. In this picture, the cruise ship is just leaving Grand Cayman. (Yes, I got my hair cut on a cruise ship. My sister-in-law and a very nice English gentleman hairdresser talked me into it.) This picture came out quite dark and didn't take very well to lightening. And yes, the shirt really was that amazing electric color. I'm sorry to report that it has mellowed somewhat over time.
Bermuda Bermuda (95 KB). I'm in my cabin on a different cruise (to Bermuda, in May of 1998). In this picture I have a rather awful sunburn. This is a normal state for me in the summer, since I can burn in about 20 minutes flat, even under our pathetic northern excuse for a sun.

If you're thinking I spend all my time on cruises and other trips, that's not the case; I just don't take pictures of myself (except on special occasions), so I generally only get pictures of myself as a result of photo exchanges at the end of trips.

Also, if you've noticed that there are more pictures of my office and the building than there are of me, you're right. That's because the office rarely looks at pictures I've taken of it and says, "Oh, that came out terrible, you can't use that one!" The office is quite tolerant of just about any picture taken of it. It almost never objects. I, on the other hand...

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