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Who do I read?

Well, to be honest, the answers came as a surprise to me. I was doing the usual compulsive fiddling around with the database, seeing if I could make a listing of top authors. But what does that mean? Authors I consistently give high ratings? Authors from whom I have (or have read) a lot of books? Heck, why not all of them!

When I go to a bookstore, I tend to check whether certain authors have published anything new since the last time I looked. Thing is, it's not always the same authors I check, and now I know why. There are some authors whom I think I follow, yet I don't seem to have much of their stuff. Conversely, there are authors I don't think I follow, yet I seem to have quite a lot of theirs! And, most surprisingly, some of the authors I do follow have managed to achieve a surprisingly low average rating. Well, maybe that's not so surprising; enough books by any one author will probably yield some that I don't like.

Anyway, here is a query that will show you (and me!) my top authors, for several possible definitions of "top". Have a look.

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