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When it comes to movies, I tend to like them to fall into one (or, preferably, several) of the following categories:

Therefore movies I like are generally a bit quirky. Well, sometimes they're downright bizarre. I'm not a big fan of simple, situational comedy; I much prefer wordplay and sarcasm. I do occasionally like a mindless movie, but not terribly often.

You may notice the absence of a category for "heartwarming." What can I say? I'm probably the only female person in the English-speaking world who has never wanted to see Titanic. I can only take heartwarming in very small doses.

Movies I Own

Here is a list of movies I own. (Naturally I have also seen many that I don't own, which are therefore not listed here.) Fortunately this collection is not nearly so out-of-control as the books; however (news flash!), we finally bought a DVD player, which will probably open the floodgates, so don't heave a sigh of relief just yet.

The list now includes non-movie videos (music videos, comedy shows, etc). I probably should retitle this section "Video", but I don't care that deeply about it.

Since this list is relatively short, I provide it here in only a few flavors:

Here also is my movie buying queue.

Or, you can download the whole database (Access 97 format, about 100 KB).

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