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My father would probably disagree with that title, though...

I really, really like heavy metal. Very heavy metal.

Don't run screaming just yet!

Most people seem to think that heavy metal is nothing but noise. Granted, not everyone can appreciate heavy metal or even hear it as music; but for those who can, it is still music. Now, if you think heavy metal just sounds awful and you can't get into it musically, I can certainly respect that. (Well, unless you've never actually tried listening to it, that is.) However, I find that most negative reactions to heavy metal have nothing to do with the music itself, but rather with popular misconceptions about it. Here are some of the usual ones:

Here's the part many people find surprising: Heavy metal isn't all I like! Yes, I am living proof that you can be a metalhead, yet listen to other stuff too! I think the automatic assumption is that if you like that horrible stuff, there must be something fundamentally wrong with your understanding of music. It's simply not true. For instance, most metalheads I have known have also had a strong liking for classical music; I am no exception.

There are also plenty of kinds of music that I don't like at all; these include rap, dance, country, and jazz. Whatever currently passes for pop is usually on this list as well.

I'm a very considerate metalhead; I never subject anyone to my music if they don't also like it.

Anyway. Moving right along...

Music I Own

The music collection isn't as out of control as the book collection, but for convenience I will still provide the list sorted and filtered various ways.

Here also is my music buying queue.

Or, if you just cannot survive without sorting and filtering the list a few other ways, why, you can download the whole database (Access 97 format; about 150 KB).

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