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Music - Classical

(The Polite and Civilized Classical Music List)

These are my classical CDs. I have a particular affinity for Vivaldi, Mozart and Bach.

Note that I've left a lot of CDs out of this list. I have quite a few that are miscellaneous works by miscellaneous artists; not much point in listing 20 or 30 CDs that are all "Various".

The Info links may not work well for some of these CDs--they don't really have proper names.

Count: 33

Artist Title Rating Genre Info
BachBest of Bach Classical?
BachBrandenburg Concertos Classical?
BachConcertos for 3 and 4 Harpsichords Classical?
BeethovenOp 68, 72a, and 84 Classical?
CorelliConcerti Grossi Op. 6 Classical?
GriegGreatest Hits Classical?
HandelConcerti Grossi Op. 3 Classical?
HandelMusic for the Royal Fireworks Classical?
HandelWater Music Classical?
HolstPlanets Classical?
MozartBest of Mozart [1] Classical?
MozartBest of Mozart [2] Classical?
MozartConcertos for Flute & Orchestra; Concerto for Oboe & Orchestra Classical?
MozartIntroducing the Complete Mozart Edition Classical?
MozartRequiem Classical?
MozartSymphonies 25, 26 & 29 Classical?
MozartSymphonies 25, 28 & 29 Classical?
MozartSymphonies 35 & 39 Classical?
MozartSymphonies 40 & 41 Classical?
MozartViolin Concertos 3 & 5 Classical?
PachelbelCanon in D Classical?
RespighiAncient Airs and Dances Classical?
SoundtrackAmadeus Classical?
SoundtrackDangerous Liaisons Classical?
SoundtrackHunt for Red October Classical?
SoundtrackMission Classical?
SoundtrackPride and Prejudice Classical?
TchaikovskyNutcracker Classical?
VivaldiBest of Vivaldi Classical?
VivaldiFlute Festival Classical?
VivaldiFour Seasons Classical?
VivaldiL'Estro Armonico Classical?
VivaldiViolin Festival Classical?

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