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This section began as a basic informational summary, but wandered off into free-association by the end. Again, I'll be adding things here as I think of them.

Name Lisa Nelson
Date of birth 31 July 1968
Family Parents divorced and both remarried (to other people).
One older sister, brother-in-law, nephew (toddler).
One younger brother, sister-in-law.
That pretty much covers it; a very manageable family size, if I do say so myself.
Home Prior to December 2000, Massachusetts. Now, England (no, really), thus undoing the efforts of quite a few of my ancestors at a single stroke. At least I didn't have to spend eight weeks in a tiny boat to get there.

You might think that, having moved to England, I wouldn't be working for my US company any more. I certainly didn't think I would be. But when I gave my notice, they made me an offer I really couldn't refuse; they have kept me on as a remote employee, indefinitely. Whereas before I had more of a hand in the day-to-day operations of the department, I'm now almost entirely dedicated to special projects, the kind that used to fall through the cracks due to lack of staff time. Plus the five-hour time difference means that I'm finally a morning person, at least relative to Eastern Time.

If you're truly curious, see my work-related site, which is bursting with detail.

Interests Just about everything! These in particular come to mind at the moment:
  • Science (especially astronomy, physics)
  • Math
  • Archaeology and anthropology
  • Ancient and not-so-ancient civilizations, especially Egypt, Rome, Greece, and (conveniently) medieval England, especially their architecture
  • Languages and linguistics
  • How the mind/brain works
  • Philosophy
Activities Again, lots of things. At the moment, they include reading, music, photography, and all manner of playing with computers.
MBTI INTP. For more information, see a general (although technical) explanation of the MBTI personality types, or a specific profile of the INTP type. There are many web sites out there dealing with the MBTI. There are also much better profiles of the INTP, but they tend to be very long.
Goals in life I just want to know how everything works, and why. That's all.
Vices I don't smoke, and drink alcohol only very rarely (the intervals tend to be measured in years). Recently I've renewed an old acquaintance with caffeine, thanks to a strong taste for tea (or is that a taste for strong tea? Probably). I live my life on a roller coaster of sugar peaks and troughs.
Religion Atheist. This is not because I haven't thought about it; on the contrary, I've given it a lot of thought, but all avenues of inquiry lead inexorably to the same conclusion.
Some likes In absolutely no order whatsoever:
  • Cream tea (for my fellow Americans, that's tea accompanied by scones with jam and real whipped cream)
  • 13th century castles
  • Chocolate
  • Fall (autumn), except for the fact that it's followed by winter
  • Staying up very late
  • Magic Hour (the strong directional sunlight about half an hour before sunset)
  • Blackadder and Monty Python
  • Riding Tower of Terror at MGM Studios
  • Wordplay
  • Midnight buffets on cruise ships
  • Chess
  • Hearts (card game)
  • Japanese gardens
  • Calligraphy and origami
  • And, it would seem from writing this page, parentheses
Some dislikes In the same order:
  • Lobster and shellfish (treason when you're from Maine)
  • Roller coasters
  • Noisy neighbors
  • Health fads
  • Sitcoms
  • Beer
  • Housework
  • Winter that lasts six months
  • Being cold
  • Ornate decor
  • Horror movies
  • Early morning
  • Pop music
Phobias Spiders. Pretty bad. Also a teensy bit of edge-phobia, which is not quite the same as fear of heights. For example, being in an airplane doesn't bother me at all, but a relatively low cliff-edge gives me the willies.
Best places in the world to have dinner
  • The Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Aux Anciens Canadiens in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
  • The Centre of Britain Hotel in Haltwhistle, Northumbria, England
  • Tom and Linda's house (I'm not kidding; Tom is an amazing chef)

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