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Technical Skills

Eliminate support inefficiencies by establishing a centralised, company-wide Help Desk.

As I have described elsewhere, until recently each office at H&A was left to do its own thing, computer-wise. David and I provided technical support to users in the Boston office; the other offices pretty much fended for themselves. As IT began centralising, we were asked to begin providing technical support to users in the other three New England offices as well. That worked out pretty well, although we were spread thin and didn't feel that we were providing a timely enough service to the staff any more.

As the centralising trend continued, it became clear that we weren't going to be able to meet the demand by ourselves. In the summer of 1997, I proposed the idea of establishing an official Help Desk, with these goals in mind:

The Help Desk idea was accepted, and was officially begun in January 1998. A third person we'd recently taken on staff became the Help Desk. Over the next six months, we rolled out the Help Desk service to the whole company, a few offices at a time, even incorporating the offices that we hadn't officially been supporting before. We hired additional staff to keep up with the load as we took it on.

In mid-2000, two and a half years later, we passed the 10,000-job mark in the database. Hmm, probably good that David and I didn't try to keep up with that volume by ourselves...

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