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H&A has a very formal, official Fax Cover Sheet; but quite often, staff want to send informal faxes. They don't need a long description or note on a cover page. All they really need is to have the relevant contact information show up somewhere.

Years ago, Post-It made sticky pads that had places to write the most basic information needed to send a fax. These were hugely popular. But it's hard to fax a sticky pad electronically from your workstation. I found that staff were printing documents, and then faxing manually, just so they could put one of these sticky fax labels on and avoid creating a whole cover page.

So I made a tool that prompts for the necessary contact information, and inserts a similar-looking label right in the user's Word document. The user can then go ahead and fax the document electronically.

Somewhat to my surprise, this has turned out to be one of the most popular tools in the entire system!

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