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Books - Science Fiction

These are my science fiction books.

Count: 283

Author Title Rating Genre Info
Adams, DouglasDirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency [Dirk Gently 1]9SF?
Adams, DouglasLong Dark Tea-Time of the Soul [Dirk Gently 2]9SF?
Adams, DouglasSalmon of Doubt [Dirk Gently 3]9SF?
Adams, DouglasHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [Hitchhiker's 1]8SF?
Adams, DouglasRestaurant at the End of the Universe [Hitchhiker's 2]7SF?
Adams, DouglasLife, the Universe and Everything [Hitchhiker's 3]7SF?
Adams, DouglasSo Long, and Thanks for All the Fish [Hitchhiker's 4]7SF?
Adams, DouglasMostly Harmless [Hitchhiker's 5]7SF?
Aldiss, BrianSaliva Tree* SF?
Arnason, EleanorRing of Swords4SF?
Asimov, IsaacCaves of Steel SF?
Asimov, IsaacEnd of Eternity* SF?
Asimov, IsaacFoundation SF?
Asimov, IsaacFoundation and Earth SF?
Asimov, IsaacFoundation's Edge SF?
Asimov, IsaacI, Robot SF?
Asimov, IsaacNaked Sun SF?
Asimov, IsaacPrelude to Foundation SF?
Asimov, IsaacRobots and Empire SF?
Asimov, IsaacRobots of Dawn SF?
Asimov, IsaacSecond Foundation SF?
Banks, Iain M.Against a Dark Background8SF?
Banks, Iain M.Use of Weapons9SF?
Barnes, JohnFinity SF?
Baxter, StephenRaft* [Xeelee Sequence 1]4SF?
Bear, GregHeads6SF?
Bear, GregQueen of Angels7SF?
Bear, GregEternity [Way 2]8SF?
Bear, GregLegacy [Way 3]5SF?
Benford, GregoryCosm* SF?
Bester, AlfredDemolished Man6SF?
Bickerton, DerekKing of the Sea8SF?
Bischoff, DavidWargames SF?
Bradbury, RayFahrenheit 4517SF?
Bradbury, RaySomething Wicked This Way Comes8SF?
Brin, DavidEarth7SF?
Brin, DavidGlory Season7SF?
Brin, DavidKil'n People8SF?
Brin, DavidOtherness8SF?
Brin, DavidPostman6SF?
Brin, DavidRiver of Time6SF?
Brin, DavidSundiver [Uplift 0.5]6SF?
Brin, DavidStartide Rising [Uplift 1]8SF?
Brin, DavidUplift War [Uplift 1.5]7SF?
Brin, DavidBrightness Reef [Uplift 2]8SF?
Brin, DavidInfinity's Shore [Uplift 3]8SF?
Brin, DavidHeaven's Reach [Uplift 4]8SF?
Brin, David & Benford, GregoryHeart of the Comet*3SF?
Brunner, JohnTotal Eclipse6SF?
Brust, StevenCowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grille SF?
Bujold, Lois McMasterBorders of Infinity3SF?
Bull, EmmaBone Dance8SF?
Bull, EmmaFalcon5SF?
Bull, Emma & Shetterly, WillDouble Feature7Fantasy/SF?
Card, Orson ScottAbyss9SF?
Card, Orson ScottChanged Man SF?
Card, Orson ScottCruel Miracles SF?
Card, Orson ScottFlux SF?
Card, Orson ScottFolk of the Fringe6SF?
Card, Orson ScottPastwatch8SF?
Card, Orson ScottSongmaster3SF?
Card, Orson ScottTreason3SF?
Card, Orson ScottWyrms8SF?
Card, Orson ScottEnder's Game [Ender 1]10SF?
Card, Orson ScottSpeaker for the Dead [Ender 2]10SF?
Card, Orson ScottXenocide [Ender 3]7SF?
Card, Orson ScottChildren of the Mind [Ender 4]6SF?
Card, Orson ScottMemory of Earth [Homecoming 1]8SF?
Card, Orson ScottCall of Earth [Homecoming 2]7SF?
Card, Orson ScottShips of Earth [Homecoming 3]7SF?
Card, Orson ScottEarthfall [Homecoming 4]6SF?
Card, Orson ScottEarthborn [Homecoming 5]6SF?
Card, Orson ScottEnder's Shadow [Shadow Saga 1]4SF?
Card, Orson ScottShadow of the Hegemon* [Shadow Saga 2] SF?
Card, Orson ScottSeventh Son [Tales of Alvin Maker 1]8SF?
Card, Orson ScottRed Prophet [Tales of Alvin Maker 2]7SF?
Card, Orson ScottPrentice Alvin [Tales of Alvin Maker 3]7SF?
Card, Orson ScottAlvin Journeyman [Tales of Alvin Maker 4]6SF?
Card, Orson ScottHeartfire [Tales of Alvin Maker 5]5SF?
Card, Orson Scott & Kidd, KathrynLovelock6SF?
Chalker, JackIdentity Matrix3SF?
Chalker, JackRiver of Dancing Gods SF?
Chalker, JackEchoes of the Well of Souls [Gods of the Well World 1] SF?
Chalker, JackShadow of the Well of Souls [Gods of the Well World 2] SF?
Chalker, JackGods of the Well of Souls [Gods of the Well World 3] SF?
Chalker, JackDemons at Rainbow Bridge [Quintara Marathon 1]7SF?
Chalker, JackRun to Chaos Keep [Quintara Marathon 2]7SF?
Chalker, JackNinety Trillion Fausts [Quintara Marathon 3]7SF?
Chalker, JackMidnight at the Well of Souls [Saga of the Well World 1]9SF?
Chalker, JackExiles at the Well of Souls [Saga of the Well World 2] SF?
Chalker, JackQuest for the Well of Souls [Saga of the Well World 3] SF?
Chalker, JackReturn of Nathan Brazil [Saga of the Well World 4] SF?
Chalker, JackTwilight at the Well of Souls [Saga of the Well World 5] SF?
Clarke, Arthur C.2010: Odyssey Two SF?
Clarke, Arthur C.Childhood's End SF?
Clarke, Arthur C.Prelude to Space SF?
Clarke, Arthur C.Tales from Planet Earth* SF?
Clarke, Arthur C.Rendezvous with Rama [1]8SF?
Clarke, Arthur C. & Benford, GregoryBeyond the Fall of Night* SF?
Clarke, Arthur C. & Lee, GentryRama II [2]6SF?
de Camp, L. Sprague & Pratt, FletcherIncomplete Enchanter SF?
Delany, SamuelBabel-17* SF?
Dick, Philip K.Valis7SF?
Duncan, DaveHero!6SF?
Duncan, DaveWest of January5SF?
Egan, GregDistress*8SF?
Egan, GregSchild's Ladder*8SF?
Egan, GregTeranesia*7SF?
Ellison, HarlanAngry Candy8SF?
Ellison, HarlanEssential Ellison SF?
Ellison, Harlan & Yerka, JacekMind Fields* SF/Coffee Table?
Farmer, Philip JoseDayworld* SF?
Fforde, JasperEyre Affair*8SF?
Fforde, JasperLost in a Good Book*7SF?
Ford, JeffreyPhysiognomy6SF?
Forward, RobertRocheworld4SF?
Forward, RobertDragon's Egg [1]7SF?
Forward, RobertStarquake [2] SF?
Foster, Alan DeanAlien8SF?
Foster, Alan DeanBlack Hole SF?
Foster, Alan DeanSplinter of the Mind's Eye SF?
Friedman, C.S.In Conquest Born4SF?
Friedman, MichaelDouble, Double SF?
Gaiman, NeilAmerican Gods*7SF?
Gaiman, NeilNeverwhere8SF?
Gaiman, Neil & Pratchett, TerryGood Omens8SF?
Gibson, WilliamNeuromancer7SF?
Glut, DonaldEmpire Strikes Back SF?
Haldeman, JoeForever War3SF?
Hamilton, PeterQuantum Murder*6SF?
Hand, ElizabethWinterlong3SF?
Harrison, HarryAdventures of the Stainless Steel Rat8SF?
Harrison, HarryStainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues6SF?
Harrison, M. JohnViriconium* SF?
Heinlein, RobertDoor Into Summer8SF?
Heinlein, RobertMoon is a Harsh Mistress SF?
Heinlein, RobertStarship Troopers6SF?
Heinlein, RobertTunnel in the Sky4SF?
Herbert, Brian & Anderson, KevinHouse Atreides [Prelude to Dune 1]4SF?
Herbert, Brian & Anderson, KevinHouse Harkonnen [Prelude to Dune 2]6SF?
Herbert, Brian & Anderson, KevinHouse Corrino [Prelude to Dune 3]5SF?
Herbert, FrankEye SF?
Herbert, FrankEyes of Heisenberg* SF?
Herbert, FrankGodmakers7SF?
Herbert, FrankGreen Brain*6SF?
Herbert, FrankHeaven Makers6SF?
Herbert, FrankHellstrom's Hive8SF?
Herbert, FrankSantaroga Barrier7SF?
Herbert, FrankUnder Pressure5SF?
Herbert, FrankWhite Plague6SF?
Herbert, FrankWorlds of Frank Herbert SF?
Herbert, FrankDune [Dune 1]10SF?
Herbert, FrankDune Messiah [Dune 2]7SF?
Herbert, FrankChildren of Dune [Dune 3]6SF?
Herbert, FrankGod Emperor of Dune [Dune 4]6SF?
Herbert, FrankHeretics of Dune [Dune 5]5SF?
Herbert, FrankChapterhouse: Dune [Dune 6]5SF?
Herbert, FrankWhipping Star [McKie 1]8SF?
Herbert, FrankDosadi Experiment [McKie 2]10SF?
Herbert, Frank & Herbert, BrianMan of Two Worlds SF?
Hinz, ChristopherLiege-Killer [Paratwa 1]10SF?
Hinz, ChristopherAsh Ock [Paratwa 2]8SF?
Hinz, ChristopherParatwa [Paratwa 3]7SF?
Holt, TomExpecting Someone Taller7SF?
Kahn, JamesReturn of the Jedi SF?
Kanaly, MichaelThoughts of God6SF?
Knight, DamonNatural State and Other Stories* SF?
LeGuin, UrsulaCity of Illusions* SF?
LeGuin, UrsulaLathe of Heaven SF?
Lewis, C.S.Out of the Silent Planet [Space Trilogy 1]4SF?
Lucas, GeorgeStar Wars SF?
Matheson, RichardI Am Legend6SF?
McCaffrey, AnneAlchemy & Academe SF?
McCaffrey, AnneCrystal Singer [Killashandra 1]9SF?
McCaffrey, AnneKillashandra [Killashandra 2]8SF?
McCaffrey, AnneCrystal Line [Killashandra 3]5SF?
McDonald, StevenEvent Horizon3SF?
Miller, WalterCanticle for Leibowitz6SF?
Moon, ElizabethHunting Party [Serrano 1] SF?
Moon, ElizabethSporting Chance [Serrano 2] SF?
Moon, ElizabethWinning Colors [Serrano 3] SF?
Moon, Elizabeth & McCaffrey, AnneSassinak [Sassinak 1]5SF?
Moorcock, MichaelTime Dweller* SF?
Niven, LarryRingworld4SF?
Niven, Larry & Pournelle, JerryMote in God's Eye6SF?
O'Leary, PatrickDoor Number Three8SF?
O'Leary, PatrickGift7SF?
O'Leary, PatrickOther Voices, Other Doors7SF?
Park, PaulCelestis8SF?
Park, PaulSoldiers of Paradise [Starbridge Chronicles 1]4SF?
Park, PaulSugar Rain [Starbridge Chronicles 2] SF?
Park, PaulCult of Loving Kindness [Starbridge Chronicles 3] SF?
Pohl, FrederikGateway* SF?
Powers, TimAnubis Gates7SF?
Powers, TimExpiration Date6SF?
Roberts, AdamOn8SF?
Roberts, AdamSalt8SF?
Robinson, Kim StanleyRed Mars [Mars 1]1SF?
Robinson, Kim StanleyBlue Mars [Mars 2] SF?
Russ, JoannaZanzibar Cat SF?
Russell, Mary DoriaSparrow [1]7SF?
Russell, Mary DoriaChildren of God [2]8SF?
Sagan, CarlContact6SF?
Scott, AlanAnthrax Mutation SF?
Sheffield, CharlesDivergence SF?
Sheffield, CharlesSummertide SF?
Silverberg, RobertEarth's Other Shadow SF?
Silverberg, RobertKingdoms of the Wall3SF?
Silverberg, RobertLord Valentine's Castle [Majipoor 1]8SF?
Silverberg, RobertMajipoor Chronicles [Majipoor 2]7SF?
Silverberg, RobertValentine Pontifex [Majipoor 3]7SF?
Silverberg, RobertSorcerers of Majipoor [Majipoor 4]1SF?
Silverberg, Robert (editor)Far Horizons SF?
Simmons, DanHollow Man7SF?
Simmons, DanWorlds Enough & Time* SF?
Simmons, DanHyperion [Hyperion 1]10SF?
Simmons, DanFall of Hyperion [Hyperion 2]8SF?
Simmons, DanEndymion [Hyperion 3]7SF?
Simmons, DanRise of Endymion [Hyperion 4]7SF?
Smith, EdwardTriplanetary4SF?
Smith, Michael MarshallOnly Forward9SF?
Spielberg, StevenClose Encounters of the Third Kind SF?
Steele, AllenClarke County, Space SF?
Steele, AllenJericho Iteration6SF?
Steele, AllenKing of Infinite Space7SF?
Steele, AllenLunar Descent SF?
Steele, AllenOrbital Decay SF?
Steele, AllenSex and Violence in Zero-G4SF?
Steele, AllenTranquillity Alternative SF?
Stephenson, NealBig U*7SF?
Stephenson, NealCryptonomicon10SF?
Stephenson, NealDiamond Age8SF?
Stephenson, NealSnow Crash9SF?
Stephenson, NealZodiac8SF?
Swanwick, MichaelIn the Drift3SF?
Swanwick, MichaelIron Dragon's Daughter SF?
Swanwick, MichaelJack Faust6SF?
Swanwick, MichaelStations of the Tide9SF?
Swanwick, MichaelVacuum Flowers4SF?
Tepper, SheriFamily Tree6SF?
Tepper, SheriGate to Women's Country9SF?
Tepper, SheriGibbon's Decline and Fall7SF?
Tepper, SheriGrass9SF?
Tepper, SheriPlague of Angels3SF?
Tepper, SheriRaising the Stones8SF?
Tepper, SheriShadow's End4SF?
Tepper, SheriSideshow5SF?
van Vogt, A.E.World of Null-A* SF?
Vance, JackLanguages of Pao SF?
Varley, JohnTitan [Gaea 1]7SF?
Vinge, VernorAcross Realtime*7SF?
Vinge, VernorCollected Stories of Vernor Vinge* SF?
Vinge, VernorFire Upon the Deep8SF?
Vinge, VernorTrue Names and Other Dangers8SF?
Waitman, KatieDivided7SF?
Waitman, KatieMerro Tree2SF?
Wallace, IanPan Sagittarius SF?
Watson, IanEmbedding4SF?
Wells, H.G.Complete Stories of H.G. Wells* SF?
Wells, H.G.Island of Dr. Moreau5SF?
Wells, H.G.Time Machine SF?
Williams, TadSea of Silver Light* [Otherland 4] SF?
Willis, ConnieTo Say Nothing of the Dog7SF?
Wilson, RobertDarwinia5SF?
Wolfe, GeneCastle of the Otter SF?
Wolfe, GeneCastleview5SF?
Wolfe, GeneFifth Head of Cerberus6SF?
Wolfe, GeneFree Live Free SF?
Wolfe, GeneIsland of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories SF?
Wolfe, GeneOperation Ares3SF?
Wolfe, GeneStoreys from the Old Hotel SF?
Wolfe, GeneNightside the Long Sun [Book of the Long Sun 1]8SF?
Wolfe, GeneLake of the Long Sun [Book of the Long Sun 2]7SF?
Wolfe, GeneCaldé of the Long Sun [Book of the Long Sun 3]7SF?
Wolfe, GeneExodus from the Long Sun [Book of the Long Sun 4]7SF?
Wolfe, GeneOn Blue's Waters [Book of the Long Sun 5]7SF?
Wolfe, GeneShadow of the Torturer [Book of the New Sun 1]8SF?
Wolfe, GeneClaw of the Conciliator [Book of the New Sun 2]7SF?
Wolfe, GeneSword of the Lictor [Book of the New Sun 3]7SF?
Wolfe, GeneCitadel of the Autarch [Book of the New Sun 4]7SF?
Wolfe, GeneUrth of the New Sun [Book of the New Sun 5]7SF?
Zelazny, RogerLord of Light6SF?
Zelazny, RogerChronicles of Amber, Vol. 2 [Chronicles of Amber 3-5] SF?

* Ours, not just mine.

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