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In this list, my books are sorted by how well I like them. Well, vaguely, anyway. The rating I give any particular book is entirely subjective and also transitory; tomorrow I might rate the same book completely differently. Also note that I've only assigned ratings to about half my books so far.

I'm also starting to include books that are not mine in this list. Having gone to the trouble of reading them, I'd just as soon they continued to appear somewhere once they fall off the reading queue.

Count: 543

Author Title Rating Genre Status Info
Brust, StevenPhoenix Guards [Phoenix Guards 1]10Fantasy ?
Brust, StevenFive Hundred Years After [Phoenix Guards 2]10Fantasy ?
Brust, StevenJhereg [Vlad Taltos 1]10Fantasy ?
Bull, EmmaFinder10Fantasy ?
Card, Orson ScottEnder's Game [Ender 1]10SF ?
Card, Orson ScottSpeaker for the Dead [Ender 2]10SF ?
Egan, GregPermutation City10SFMike's?
Herbert, FrankDune [Dune 1]10SF ?
Herbert, FrankDosadi Experiment [McKie 2]10SF ?
Hinz, ChristopherLiege-Killer [Paratwa 1]10SF ?
Pratchett, TerryLast Hero* [Discworld 27]10Fantasy ?
Simmons, DanHyperion [Hyperion 1]10SF ?
Stephenson, NealCryptonomicon10SF ?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Lord of the Rings (Red Book)10Fantasy ?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Fellowship of the Ring [Lord of the Rings 1]10Fantasy ?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Return of the King [Lord of the Rings 3]10Fantasy ?
Adams, DouglasDirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency [Dirk Gently 1]9SF ?
Adams, DouglasLong Dark Tea-Time of the Soul [Dirk Gently 2]9SF ?
Adams, DouglasSalmon of Doubt [Dirk Gently 3]9SF ?
Austen, JanePride and Prejudice9Literature ?
Banks, IainComplicity9FictionMike's?
Banks, IainCrow Road9FictionMike's?
Banks, Iain M.Excession9SFMike's?
Banks, Iain M.Inversions9SFMike's?
Banks, Iain M.Use of Weapons9SF ?
Brust, StevenBrokedown Palace9Fantasy ?
Brust, StevenYendi [Vlad Taltos 2]9Fantasy ?
Brust, StevenIssola* [Vlad Taltos 9]9Fantasy ?
Brust, Steven & Bull, EmmaFreedom & Necessity9Fantasy (Historical) ?
Bryson, BillDown Under9HumorMike's?
Bryson, BillMother Tongue: English & How It Got That Way*9Language ?
Bryson, BillNotes from a Small Island9Humor ?
Bryson, BillWalk in the Woods*9Humor ?
Bull, EmmaWar for the Oaks9Fantasy ?
Card, Orson ScottAbyss9SF ?
Chalker, JackMidnight at the Well of Souls [Saga of the Well World 1]9SF ?
Eco, UmbertoFoucault's Pendulum9Fiction ?
Egan, GregAxiomatic9SFMike's?
Egan, GregDiaspora9SFMike's?
Egan, GregQuarantine9SFMike's?
Elton, BenBlast from the Past9FictionMike's?
Hambly, BarbaraStranger at the Wedding9Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraDragonsbane [Aversin 1]9Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraSilent Tower [Windrose 1]9Fantasy ?
Hawking, StephenBrief History of Time9Science/Math ?
Kay, Guy GavrielTigana9Fantasy ?
LeGuin, UrsulaWizard of Earthsea [Earthsea 1]9Fantasy ?
LeGuin, UrsulaTombs of Atuan [Earthsea 2]9Fantasy ?
McCaffrey, AnneCrystal Singer [Killashandra 1]9SF ?
McCaffrey, AnneDragonsdawn [Pern 01]9Fantasy ?
McCaffrey, AnneAll the Weyrs of Pern [Pern 14]9Fantasy ?
Oblong, AngusCreepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children9Humor ?
Pirsig, RobertZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance9Philosophy ?
Pratchett, TerryPyramids [Discworld 07]9Fantasy ?
Pratchett, TerryGuards! Guards! [Discworld 08]9Fantasy ?
Pratchett, TerrySmall Gods [Discworld 13]9Fantasy ?
Pratchett, TerryLords and Ladies [Discworld 14]9FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, TerryMaskerade [Discworld 18]9FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, TerryFeet of Clay [Discworld 19]9FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, TerryJingo [Discworld 21]9FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, TerryFifth Elephant [Discworld 24]9FantasyCath's?
Pratchett, TerryTruth [Discworld 25]9FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, TerryThief of Time [Discworld 26]9FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, Terry et al.Science of Discworld9Science/MathMike's?
Sacks, OliverMan Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat9Mind/Brain ?
Sayle, AlexeiBarcelona Plates9FictionMike's?
Sayle, AlexeiDog Catcher9Fiction ?
Sellar, W.C. & Yeatman, R.J.1066 and All That*9Humor ?
Smith, Michael MarshallOne Of Us9SFMike's?
Smith, Michael MarshallOnly Forward9SF ?
Stephenson, NealSnow Crash9SF ?
Swanwick, MichaelStations of the Tide9SF ?
Tepper, SheriGate to Women's Country9SF ?
Tepper, SheriGrass9SF ?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Hobbit9Fantasy ?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Silmarillion9Fantasy ?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Two Towers [Lord of the Rings 2]9Fantasy ?
Turow, ScottPresumed Innocent9Fiction ?
Vinge, VernorDeepness in the Sky9SFMike's?
Walters, MinetteIce House9Mystery ?
Adams, DouglasHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [Hitchhiker's 1]8SF ?
Adams, Douglas & Carwardine, MarkLast Chance to See8NonfictionMike's?
Adams, ScottDilbert and the Way of the Weasel8Humor ?
Asprin, Robert LynnThieves' World [Thieves' World 1]8Fantasy ?
Austen, JanePersuasion8Literature ?
Banks, IainThe Business8FictionMike's?
Banks, Iain M.Against a Dark Background8SF ?
Banks, Iain M.Feersum Endjinn8SFMike's?
Banks, Iain M.State of the Art8SFMike's?
Bear, GregEon [Way 1]8SFMike's?
Bear, GregEternity [Way 2]8SF ?
Bickerton, DerekKing of the Sea8SF ?
Bradbury, RaySomething Wicked This Way Comes8SF ?
Brin, DavidKil'n People8SF ?
Brin, DavidOtherness8SF ?
Brin, DavidStartide Rising [Uplift 1]8SF ?
Brin, DavidBrightness Reef [Uplift 2]8SF ?
Brin, DavidInfinity's Shore [Uplift 3]8SF ?
Brin, DavidHeaven's Reach [Uplift 4]8SF ?
Brooks, TerrySword of Shannara [Shannara 1]8Fantasy ?
Brust, StevenTo Reign in Hell8Fantasy ?
Brust, StevenTaltos [Vlad Taltos 3]8Fantasy ?
Brust, StevenTeckla [Vlad Taltos 4]8Fantasy ?
Brust, StevenOrca [Vlad Taltos 7]8Fantasy ?
Bryson, BillI'm A Stranger Here Myself8HumorMike's?
Bryson, BillMade in America*8Nonfiction ?
Bryson, BillNeither Here Nor There*8Humor ?
Bull, EmmaBone Dance8SF ?
Card, Orson ScottEnchantment8Fantasy ?
Card, Orson ScottPastwatch8SF ?
Card, Orson ScottWyrms8SF ?
Card, Orson ScottMemory of Earth [Homecoming 1]8SF ?
Card, Orson ScottSeventh Son [Tales of Alvin Maker 1]8SF ?
Clancy, TomHunt for Red October8Fiction ?
Clancy, TomPatriot Games8Fiction ?
Clarke, Arthur C.Rendezvous with Rama [1]8SF ?
Cook, GlenBlack Company [Black Company 1]8Fantasy ?
Cook, GlenWater Sleeps [Glittering Stone 3]8Fantasy ?
Cook, GlenSoldiers Live* [Glittering Stone 4]8Fantasy ?
Dean, PamelaDubious Hills8Fantasy ?
Dickens, CharlesOur Mutual Friend8Literature ?
Dickens, CharlesTale of Two Cities8Literature ?
du Maurier, DaphneRebecca8Literature ?
Duncan, DaveRose-Red City8Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveCutting Edge [A Handful of Men 1]8Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveUpland Outlaws [A Handful of Men 2]8Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveStricken Field [A Handful of Men 3]8Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveLiving God [A Handful of Men 4]8Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveMagic Casement [A Man of His Word 1]8Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveFaery Lands Forlorn [A Man of His Word 2]8Fantasy ?
Duncan, DavePerilous Seas [A Man of His Word 3]8Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveEmperor and Clown [A Man of His Word 4]8Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveLord of the Fire Lands* [King's Blades 2]8Fantasy ?
Eco, UmbertoName of the Rose8Fiction (Historical) ?
Eddings, DavidGuardians of the West [Malloreon 1]8Fantasy ?
Eddings, DavidSeeress of Kell [Malloreon 5]8Fantasy ?
Egan, GregDistress*8SF ?
Egan, GregLuminous8SFMike's?
Egan, GregSchild's Ladder*8SF ?
Ellison, HarlanAngry Candy8SF ?
Fforde, JasperEyre Affair*8SF ?
Forsyth, FrederickFourth Protocol8Fiction ?
Foster, Alan DeanAlien8SF ?
Fry, StephenHippopotamus8Fiction ?
Fry, StephenMaking History8SFMike's?
Fry, StephenStars' Tennis Balls8FictionMike's?
Gaiman, NeilNeverwhere8SF ?
Gaiman, NeilSmoke and Mirrors8SFMike's?
Gaiman, Neil & Pratchett, TerryGood Omens8SF ?
Grahame, KennethWind in the Willows*8Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraBride of the Rat God8Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraThose Who Hunt the Night [Vampires 1]8Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraSilicon Mage [Windrose 2]8Fantasy ?
Harris, ThomasRed Dragon [1]8Fiction ?
Harris, ThomasHannibal [3]8Fiction ?
Harrison, HarryAdventures of the Stainless Steel Rat8SF ?
Hawking, StephenUniverse in a Nutshell8Science/MathMike's?
Heinlein, RobertDoor Into Summer8SF ?
Herbert, FrankHellstrom's Hive8SF ?
Herbert, FrankWhipping Star [McKie 1]8SF ?
Hinz, ChristopherAsh Ock [Paratwa 2]8SF ?
Jones, SteveAlmost Like a Whale: The Origin of Species Updated8Science/MathMike's?
Jones, SteveDescent of Men*8Science/Math ?
Kay, Guy GavrielSong for Arbonne8Fantasy ?
Kay, Guy GavrielSummer Tree [Fionavar Tapestry 1]8Fantasy ?
Kay, Guy GavrielWandering Fire* [Fionavar Tapestry 2]8Fantasy ?
Kay, Guy GavrielDarkest Road* [Fionavar Tapestry 3]8Fantasy ?
Kay, Guy GavrielSailing to Sarantium [Sarantine Mosaic 1]8Fantasy ?
Kay, Guy GavrielLord of Emperors* [Sarantine Mosaic 2]8Fantasy ?
King, StephenEyes of the Dragon8Fantasy ?
Kurtz, KatherineDeryni Rising [Deryni Chronicles 1]8Fantasy (Juvenile) ?
Kurtz, KatherineDeryni Checkmate [Deryni Chronicles 2]8Fantasy (Juvenile) ?
Kurtz, KatherineHigh Deryni [Deryni Chronicles 3]8Fantasy (Juvenile) ?
Kurtz, KatherineQuest for Saint Camber [Histories of King Kelson 1]8Fantasy ?
Kurtz, KatherineBishop's Heir [Histories of King Kelson 2]8Fantasy ?
Kurtz, KatherineKing's Justice [Histories of King Kelson 3]8Fantasy ?
LeGuin, UrsulaWind's Twelve Quarters8Fantasy ?
LeGuin, UrsulaFarthest Shore [Earthsea 3]8Fantasy ?
LeGuin, UrsulaTales from Earthsea [Earthsea 5]8Fantasy ?
LeGuin, UrsulaOther Wind* [Earthsea 6]8Fantasy ?
McCaffrey, AnneWhite Dragon [Dragonriders of Pern 3 (Pern 09)]8Fantasy ?
McCaffrey, AnneDragonsinger [Harper Hall 2 (Pern 11)]8Fantasy ?
McCaffrey, AnneDragondrums [Harper Hall 3 (Pern 12)]8Fantasy ?
McCaffrey, AnneKillashandra [Killashandra 2]8SF ?
McCaffrey, AnneMoreta [Pern 05]8Fantasy ?
McKillip, PatriciaForgotten Beasts of Eld8Fantasy ?
Moon, ElizabethSheepfarmer's Daughter [Deed of Paksenarrion 1]8Fantasy ?
O'Leary, PatrickDoor Number Three8SF ?
Park, PaulCelestis8SF ?
Peake, MervynTitus Groan [Gormenghast 1]8FantasyMike's?
Peake, MervynGormenghast [Gormenghast 2]8FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, TerryCarpet People8Fantasy ?
Pratchett, TerryJohnny and the Bomb8FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, TerryOnly You Can Save Mankind8Fantasy ?
Pratchett, TerryTruckers* [Bromeliad 1]8Fantasy ?
Pratchett, TerryDiggers* [Bromeliad 2]8Fantasy ?
Pratchett, TerryWings* [Bromeliad 3]8Fantasy ?
Pratchett, TerryEqual Rites [Discworld 03]8Fantasy ?
Pratchett, TerryMort [Discworld 04]8Fantasy ?
Pratchett, TerrySourcery [Discworld 05]8FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, TerryWyrd Sisters [Discworld 06]8FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, TerryMoving Pictures [Discworld 10]8Fantasy ?
Pratchett, TerryMen at Arms [Discworld 15]8Fantasy ?
Pratchett, TerrySoul Music [Discworld 16]8FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, TerryInteresting Times [Discworld 17]8FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, TerryHogfather [Discworld 20]8FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, TerryCarpe Jugulum [Discworld 23]8FantasyMike's?
Pratchett, TerryAmazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents* [Discworld 28]8Fantasy ?
Pratchett, TerryNight Watch* [Discworld 29]8Fantasy ?
Pratchett, Terry et al.Science of Discworld II: The Globe*8Fantasy ?
Rice, AnneVampire Lestat [Vampires 2]8Fiction ?
Roberts, AdamOn8SF ?
Roberts, AdamSalt8SF ?
Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban* [Harry Potter 3]8Fantasy (Juvenile) ?
Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire* [Harry Potter 4]8Fantasy (Juvenile) ?
Russell, Mary DoriaChildren of God [2]8SF ?
Scott, Sir WalterIvanhoe8Fiction (Historical) ?
Shetterly, Will & Bull, EmmaLiavek: Wizard's Row [Liavek 3]8Fantasy ?
Silverberg, RobertBook of Skulls8Fantasy ?
Silverberg, RobertLord Valentine's Castle [Majipoor 1]8SF ?
Simmons, DanFall of Hyperion [Hyperion 2]8SF ?
Smith, Michael MarshallSpares8SFMike's?
Sobel, DavaLongitude8NonfictionMike's?
Stephenson, NealDiamond Age8SF ?
Stephenson, NealZodiac8SF ?
Tepper, SheriRaising the Stones8SF ?
Vinge, VernorFire Upon the Deep8SF ?
Vinge, VernorTrue Names and Other Dangers8SF ?
Walters, MinetteDark Room8Mystery ?
Williams, TadTo Green Angel Tower, Part 1 [Memory, Sorrow & Thorn 3]8Fantasy ?
Williams, TadTo Green Angel Tower, Part 2 [Memory, Sorrow & Thorn 4]8Fantasy ?
Wolfe, GeneNightside the Long Sun [Book of the Long Sun 1]8SF ?
Wolfe, GeneShadow of the Torturer [Book of the New Sun 1]8SF ?
Adams, DouglasRestaurant at the End of the Universe [Hitchhiker's 2]7SF ?
Adams, DouglasLife, the Universe and Everything [Hitchhiker's 3]7SF ?
Adams, DouglasSo Long, and Thanks for All the Fish [Hitchhiker's 4]7SF ?
Adams, DouglasMostly Harmless [Hitchhiker's 5]7SF ?
Asprin, Robert LynnTales from the Vulgar Unicorn [Thieves' World 2]7Fantasy ?
Banks, IainDead Air7FictionMike's?
Banks, IainWasp Factory7FictionMike's?
Banks, IainWhit7FictionMike's?
Banks, Iain M.Consider Phlebas7SFMike's?
Banks, Iain M.Look to Windward7SFMike's?
Banks, Iain M.Player of Games7SFMike's?
Bear, GregQueen of Angels7SF ?
Bradbury, RayFahrenheit 4517SF ?
Brin, DavidEarth7SF ?
Brin, DavidGlory Season7SF ?
Brin, DavidUplift War [Uplift 1.5]7SF ?
Brontë, CharlotteWuthering Heights7Literature ?
Brooks, TerryElfstones of Shannara [Shannara 2]7Fantasy ?
Brust, StevenAgyar7Fantasy ?
Brust, StevenAthyra [Vlad Taltos 6]7Fantasy ?
Brust, StevenDragon [Vlad Taltos 8]7Fantasy ?
Brust, Steven & Lindholm, MeganGypsy7Fantasy ?
Bull, Emma & Shetterly, WillDouble Feature7Fantasy/SF ?
Card, Orson ScottHomebody7Horror ?
Card, Orson ScottLost Boys7Horror ?
Card, Orson ScottXenocide [Ender 3]7SF ?
Card, Orson ScottCall of Earth [Homecoming 2]7SF ?
Card, Orson ScottShips of Earth [Homecoming 3]7SF ?
Card, Orson ScottRed Prophet [Tales of Alvin Maker 2]7SF ?
Card, Orson ScottPrentice Alvin [Tales of Alvin Maker 3]7SF ?
Chalker, JackDemons at Rainbow Bridge [Quintara Marathon 1]7SFReread?
Chalker, JackRun to Chaos Keep [Quintara Marathon 2]7SF ?
Chalker, JackNinety Trillion Fausts [Quintara Marathon 3]7SF ?
Clarke, Arthur C.Fountains of Paradise7SFMike's?
Crichton, MichaelCongo7Fiction ?
Crichton, MichaelRising Sun7Fiction ?
Crichton, MichaelJurassic Park [1]7Fiction ?
Crichton, MichaelLost World [2]7Fiction ?
Dick, Philip K.Valis7SF ?
Duncan, DavePast Imperative [Great Game 1]7Fantasy ?
Duncan, DavePresent Tense [Great Game 2]7Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveFuture Indefinite [Great Game 3]7Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveSky of Swords [King's Blades 3]7Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveCrooked House* [King's Daggers 2]7Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveSilvercloak [King's Daggers 3]7Fantasy ?
Egan, GregTeranesia*7SF ?
Fforde, JasperLost in a Good Book*7SF ?
Fitzgerald, F. ScottGreat Gatsby7Fiction ?
Forward, RobertDragon's Egg [1]7SF ?
Fry, StephenLiar7Fiction ?
Fry, StephenMoab is My Washpot7BiographyCath's?
Fry, StephenPaperweight7FictionCath's?
Gaiman, NeilAmerican Gods*7SF ?
Gaiman, NeilStardust7Fantasy ?
Gibson, WilliamNeuromancer7SF ?
Goldman, WilliamPrincess Bride7Fantasy ?
Graves, RobertI, Claudius7Fantasy (Historical) ?
Green, SimonBlue Moon Rising7Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraDragonshadow [Aversin 2]7Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraKnight of the Demon Queen [Aversin 3]7Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraTime of the Dark [Darwath 1]7Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraLadies of Mandrigyn [Sun Wolf 1]7Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraWitches of Wenshar [Sun Wolf 2]7Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraTraveling with the Dead [Vampires 2]7Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraDog Wizard [Windrose 3]7Fantasy ?
Harris, ThomasSilence of the Lambs [2]7Fiction ?
Herbert, FrankGodmakers7SF ?
Herbert, FrankSantaroga Barrier7SF ?
Herbert, FrankDune Messiah [Dune 2]7SF ?
Hinz, ChristopherParatwa [Paratwa 3]7SF ?
Holland, IsabelleMan Without a Face7Fiction ?
Holt, TomExpecting Someone Taller7SF ?
Kurtz, KatherineCamber of Culdi [Legends of Camber of Culdi 1]7Fantasy ?
Kurtz, KatherineSaint Camber [Legends of Camber of Culdi 2]7Fantasy ?
Kurtz, KatherineCamber the Heretic [Legends of Camber of Culdi 3]7Fantasy ?
LeGuin, UrsulaTehanu [Earthsea 4]7Fantasy ?
Lynn, Jonathan and Jay, AnthonyYes, Prime Minister7FictionMike's?
McCaffrey, AnneDragonflight [Dragonriders of Pern 1 (Pern 07)]7Fantasy ?
McCaffrey, AnneDragonquest [Dragonriders of Pern 2 (Pern 08)]7Fantasy ?
McCaffrey, AnneChronicles of Pern: First Fall [Pern 02]7Fantasy ?
McCaffrey, AnneNerilka's Story [Pern 06]7Fantasy (Juvenile) ?
McCaffrey, AnneSkies of Pern* [Pern 17]7Fantasy ?
Moon, ElizabethDivided Allegiance [Deed of Paksenarrion 2]7Fantasy ?
Moon, ElizabethOath of Gold [Deed of Paksenarrion 3]7Fantasy ?
Moon, ElizabethLiar's Oath [Legacy of Gird 2]7Fantasy ?
Myers, John MyersSilverlock7Fantasy ?
Noon, JeffPollen7SFMike's?
O'Leary, PatrickGift7SF ?
O'Leary, PatrickOther Voices, Other Doors7SF ?
Peake, MervynMr Pye7FantasyMike's?
Peters, EllisMonk's Hood7Fantasy ?
Peters, EllisPilgrim of Hate*7Fiction ?
Peters, EllisRaven in the Foregate7Fantasy ?
Peters, EllisPotter's Field [Cadfael 17]7Mystery ?
Powers, TimAnubis Gates7SF ?
Pratchett, TerryColour of Magic [Discworld 01]7Fantasy ?
Pullman, PhilipNorthern Lights [His Dark Materials 1]7Fantasy ?
Pullman, PhilipSubtle Knife [His Dark Materials 2]7Fantasy ?
Pullman, PhilipAmber Spyglass [His Dark Materials 3]7Fantasy ?
Rice, AnneInterview with the Vampire [Vampires 1]7Fiction ?
Rice, AnneQueen of the Damned [Vampires 3]7Fiction ?
Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [Harry Potter 1]7Fantasy (Juvenile) ?
Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets* [Harry Potter 2]7Fantasy (Juvenile) ?
Russell, Mary DoriaSparrow [1]7SF ?
Sellar, W.C. & Yeatman, R.J.Garden Rubbish*7Humor ?
Shermer, MichaelWhy People Believe Weird Things7Psychology ?
Shetterly, WillElsewhere7Fantasy ?
Shetterly, WillNevernever7Fantasy ?
Shetterly, Will & Bull, EmmaLiavek [Liavek 1]7Fantasy ?
Shetterly, Will & Bull, EmmaLiavek: Players of Luck [Liavek 2]7Fantasy ?
Shinn, SharonShape-Changer's Wife7Fantasy ?
Silverberg, RobertMajipoor Chronicles [Majipoor 2]7SF ?
Silverberg, RobertValentine Pontifex [Majipoor 3]7SF ?
Simmons, DanHollow Man7SF ?
Simmons, DanEndymion [Hyperion 3]7SF ?
Simmons, DanRise of Endymion [Hyperion 4]7SF ?
Steele, AllenKing of Infinite Space7SF ?
Stephenson, NealBig U*7SF ?
Stewart, MaryCrystal Cave [Merlin 1]7Fantasy ?
Tepper, SheriGibbon's Decline and Fall7SF ?
Thomas, MatthewBefore and After7FantasyMike's?
Vance, JackLyonesse*7Fantasy ?
Varley, JohnTitan [Gaea 1]7SF ?
Varley, JohnWizard [Gaea 2]7SFMike's?
Varley, JohnDemon [Gaea 3]7SFMike's?
Vinge, VernorAcross Realtime*7SF ?
Waitman, KatieDivided7SF ?
Walters, MinetteBreaker7Mystery ?
Walters, MinetteEcho7Mystery ?
Walters, MinetteScold's Bridle7Mystery ?
Walters, MinetteSculptress7Mystery ?
Walters, MinetteShape of Snakes*7Mystery ?
Wharton, EdithAge of Innocence7Literature ?
Wharton, EdithBuccaneers*7Fiction ?
Williams, TadStone of Farewell [Memory, Sorrow & Thorn 2]7Fantasy ?
Williams, TadOtherland [Otherland 1]7SFMike's?
Willis, ConnieTo Say Nothing of the Dog7SF ?
Windling, TerriBordertown7Fantasy ?
Windling, TerriEssential Bordertown7Fantasy ?
Wolfe, GeneLake of the Long Sun [Book of the Long Sun 2]7SF ?
Wolfe, GeneCaldé of the Long Sun [Book of the Long Sun 3]7SF ?
Wolfe, GeneExodus from the Long Sun [Book of the Long Sun 4]7SF ?
Wolfe, GeneOn Blue's Waters [Book of the Long Sun 5]7SF ?
Wolfe, GeneClaw of the Conciliator [Book of the New Sun 2]7SF ?
Wolfe, GeneSword of the Lictor [Book of the New Sun 3]7SF ?
Wolfe, GeneCitadel of the Autarch [Book of the New Sun 4]7SF ?
Wolfe, GeneUrth of the New Sun [Book of the New Sun 5]7SF ?
Austen, JaneEmma6Literature ?
Austen, JaneNorthanger Abbey6Literature ?
Banks, IainEspedair Street6FictionMike's?
Bear, GregHeads6SF ?
Bester, AlfredDemolished Man6SF ?
Brin, DavidPostman6SF ?
Brin, DavidRiver of Time6SF ?
Brin, DavidSundiver [Uplift 0.5]6SF ?
Brunner, JohnTotal Eclipse6SF ?
Brust, StevenSun, the Moon and the Stars6Fantasy ?
Brust, StevenPhoenix [Vlad Taltos 5]6Fantasy ?
Card, Orson ScottFolk of the Fringe6SF ?
Card, Orson ScottChildren of the Mind [Ender 4]6SF ?
Card, Orson ScottEarthfall [Homecoming 4]6SF ?
Card, Orson ScottEarthborn [Homecoming 5]6SF ?
Card, Orson ScottAlvin Journeyman [Tales of Alvin Maker 4]6SF ?
Card, Orson Scott & Kidd, KathrynLovelock6SF ?
Clarke, Arthur C. & Lee, GentryRama II [2]6SF ?
de Laclos, ChoderlosLes Liaisons Dangereuses6Literature ?
Dexter, ColinFourth Inspector Moore Omnibus6Mystery ?
Dexter, ColinLast Bus to Woodstock6Mystery ?
Duncan, DaveHero!6SF ?
Duncan, DaveGilded Chain [King's Blades 1]6Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveSir Stalwart [King's Daggers 1]6Fantasy ?
Eddings, David and LeighRedemption of Athalus*6Fantasy ?
Eddison, E.R.Worm Ouroboros6FantasyMike's?
Flagg, FannieFried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café6Fiction ?
Ford, JeffreyPhysiognomy6SF ?
Goodkind, TerryWizard's First Rule [Sword of Truth 1]6Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraWalls of Air [Darwath 2]6Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraArmies of Daylight [Darwath 3]6Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraIcefalcon's Quest [Darwath 5]6Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraFree Man of Color [January 1]6Fiction (Historical) ?
Hamilton, PeterQuantum Murder*6SF ?
Harris, ThomasBlack Sunday6Fiction ?
Harrison, HarryStainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues6SF ?
Heinlein, RobertStarship Troopers6SF ?
Herbert, Brian & Anderson, KevinHouse Harkonnen [Prelude to Dune 2]6SF ?
Herbert, FrankGreen Brain*6SF ?
Herbert, FrankHeaven Makers6SF ?
Herbert, FrankWhite Plague6SF ?
Herbert, FrankChildren of Dune [Dune 3]6SF ?
Herbert, FrankGod Emperor of Dune [Dune 4]6SF ?
Kanaly, MichaelThoughts of God6SF ?
Kurtz, KatherineDeryni Magic6Fantasy ?
Kurtz, KatherineKing Javan's Year [Heirs of St. Camber 2]6Fantasy ?
Kurtz, KatherineBastard Prince [Heirs of St. Camber 3]6Fantasy ?
Kurtz, KatherineKing Kelson's Bride* [Histories of King Kelson 4]6Fantasy ?
Kurtz, Katherine & Harris, Deborah TurnerAdept [Adept 1]6Fantasy (Juvenile) ?
Kushner, EllenSwordspoint6Fantasy ?
Lieber, FritzIll Met in Lankhmar6FantasyMike's?
Matheson, RichardI Am Legend6SF ?
May, JulianMany-Coloured Land [Saga of the Exiles 1]6Fantasy ?
McCaffrey, AnneRenegades of Pern [Pern 13]6Fantasy ?
McCaffrey, AnneDolphins of Pern [Pern 16]6Fantasy (Juvenile) ?
Miller, WalterCanticle for Leibowitz6SF ?
Milligan, SpikeLady Chatterley's Lover According to Spike Milligan6HumorMike's?
Moon, ElizabethSurrender None [Legacy of Gird 1]6Fantasy ?
Niven, Larry & Pournelle, JerryMote in God's Eye6SF ?
Park, PaulGospel of Corax6Fantasy ?
Powers, TimExpiration Date6SF ?
Rankin, RobertArmageddon: The Musical6FantasyMike's?
Sagan, CarlContact6SF ?
Shetterly, Will & Bull, EmmaLiavek: Festival Week [Liavek 5]6Fantasy ?
Steele, AllenJericho Iteration6SF ?
Swanwick, MichaelJack Faust6SF ?
Tepper, SheriFamily Tree6SF ?
Westall, RobertCats of Seroster6Fantasy (Juvenile)Mike's?
Windling, TerriBorderland6Fantasy ?
Wodehouse, P.G.Love Among the Chickens6Fiction ?
Wolfe, GeneFifth Head of Cerberus6SF ?
Zelazny, RogerLord of Light6SF ?
Austen, JaneSense and Sensibility5Literature ?
Bear, GregLegacy [Way 3]5SF ?
Bull, EmmaFalcon5SF ?
Card, Orson ScottTreasure Box5Horror ?
Card, Orson ScottHeartfire [Tales of Alvin Maker 5]5SF ?
Crichton, MichaelEaters of the Dead5Fiction ?
Duncan, DaveWest of January5SF ?
Duncan, DaveReluctant Swordsman [Reluctant Swordsman 1]5Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveComing of Wisdom [Reluctant Swordsman 2]5Fantasy ?
Duncan, DaveDestiny of the Sword [Reluctant Swordsman 3]5Fantasy ?
Elton, BenPopcorn5Fiction ?
Forsyth, FrederickDay of the Jackal5Fiction ?
Grady, JamesSix Days of the Condor5Fiction ?
Grisham, JohnPelican Brief5Fiction ?
Grisham, JohnTestament5FictionMike's?
Hambly, BarbaraMother of Winter [Darwath 4]5Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraDark Hand of Magic [Sun Wolf 3]5Fantasy ?
Herbert, Brian & Anderson, KevinHouse Corrino [Prelude to Dune 3]5SF ?
Herbert, FrankUnder Pressure5SF ?
Herbert, FrankHeretics of Dune [Dune 5]5SF ?
Herbert, FrankChapterhouse: Dune [Dune 6]5SF ?
Jordan, RobertEye of the World [Wheel of Time 1]5Fantasy ?
Kurtz, Katherine & Harris, Deborah TurnerAdept/Lodge of the Lynx [Adept 2]5Fantasy (Juvenile) ?
Le Carre, JohnSpy Who Came In From the Cold5Fiction ?
McCaffrey, AnneCrystal Line [Killashandra 3]5SF ?
McKillip, PatriciaBook of Atrix Wolfe5Fantasy ?
McKillip, PatriciaWinter Rose5Fantasy ?
Moon, Elizabeth & McCaffrey, AnneSassinak [Sassinak 1]5SF ?
Preston, Douglas & Child, LincolnRelic5Fiction ?
Shaw, HowardKeepers of the Obelisk5Fiction ?
Tepper, SheriSideshow5SF ?
Wells, H.G.Island of Dr. Moreau5SF ?
Wilson, RobertDarwinia5SF ?
Wolfe, GeneCastleview5SF ?
Arnason, EleanorRing of Swords4SF ?
Baxter, StephenRaft* [Xeelee Sequence 1]4SF ?
Card, Orson ScottEnder's Shadow [Shadow Saga 1]4SF ?
Forward, RobertRocheworld4SF ?
Friedman, C.S.In Conquest Born4SF ?
Grisham, JohnTime to Kill4FictionMike's?
Heinlein, RobertTunnel in the Sky4SF ?
Herbert, Brian & Anderson, KevinHouse Atreides [Prelude to Dune 1]4SF ?
James, P.D.Shroud for a Nightingale4Mystery ?
Jordan, RobertGreat Hunt [Wheel of Time 2]4Fantasy ?
Kushner, EllenThomas the Rhymer4Fantasy ?
Lackey, MercedesFirebird4Fantasy ?
Lewis, C.S.Out of the Silent Planet [Space Trilogy 1]4SF ?
McCaffrey, AnneMasterharper of Pern [Pern 15]4Fantasy ?
Moorcock, MichaelElric of Melnibone4Fantasy ?
Niven, LarryRingworld4SF ?
Park, PaulSoldiers of Paradise [Starbridge Chronicles 1]4SF ?
Powers, TimStress of Her Regard4Fantasy ?
Smith, EdwardTriplanetary4SF ?
Steele, AllenSex and Violence in Zero-G4SF ?
Stewart, MaryPrince and the Pilgrim4Fantasy (Juvenile) ?
Swanwick, MichaelVacuum Flowers4SF ?
Tepper, SheriShadow's End4SF ?
Watson, IanEmbedding4SF ?
Bates, BrianReal Middle-Earth: Magic & Mystery in the Dark Ages*3History ?
Brin, David & Benford, GregoryHeart of the Comet*3SF ?
Bujold, Lois McMasterBorders of Infinity3SF ?
Card, Orson ScottHart's Hope3Fantasy ?
Card, Orson ScottSongmaster3SF ?
Card, Orson ScottTreason3SF ?
Chalker, JackIdentity Matrix3SF ?
Cole, Allan & Bunch, ChrisFar Kingdoms3Fantasy ?
Dalkey, KaraGoa [1]3Fantasy ?
Dalkey, KaraBijapur [2]3Fantasy ?
DunsanyKing of Elfland's Daughter3Fantasy ?
Haldeman, JoeForever War3SF ?
Hambly, BarbaraRainbow Abyss [Rhion 1]3Fantasy ?
Hambly, BarbaraMagicians of Night [Rhion 2]3Fantasy ?
Hand, ElizabethWinterlong3SF ?
Kurtz, KatherineHarrowing of Gwynedd [Heirs of St. Camber 1]3Fantasy ?
McDonald, StevenEvent Horizon3SF ?
McDowell, IanMerlin's Gift3Fantasy ?
Silverberg, RobertKingdoms of the Wall3SF ?
Swanwick, MichaelIn the Drift3SF ?
Tepper, SheriPlague of Angels3SF ?
Wolfe, GeneOperation Ares3SF ?
Dean, PamelaTam Lin2Fantasy ?
Donaldson, StephenLord Foul's Bane [Chronicles of Thomas Covenant 1]2Fantasy ?
Donaldson, StephenIllearth War [Chronicles of Thomas Covenant 2]2Fantasy ?
Goodkind, TerryStone of Tears [Sword of Truth 2]2Fantasy ?
Rice, AnneTale of the Body Thief [Vampires 4]2Fiction ?
Tepper, SheriBeauty2Fantasy ?
Waitman, KatieMerro Tree2SF ?
Goodkind, TerryBlood of the Fold [Sword of Truth 3]1Fantasy ?
Goodkind, TerryTemple of the Winds [Sword of Truth 4]1Fantasy ?
Robinson, Kim StanleyRed Mars [Mars 1]1SF ?
Silverberg, RobertSorcerers of Majipoor [Majipoor 4]1SF ?

* Ours, not just mine.

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