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Books - Reading Queue

These are books that I own, but have not read yet. (Yes, usually due to bad planning I do also own books that I don't really ever seriously plan to read; they generally won't appear on this list.)

Recently, I've made a particular effort to hack the reading queue down. It's hard to decide whether to bring a book to England or not if I've never read it. I've been making progress, in that the list of my own books yet unread is about to drop below the 40 mark (down from 60 as of six months ago), but to make matters worse, I now have a vast influx of Mike's books that I intend to read. I've started adding them to the official queue shown below, but I've only scratched the surface.

These are sorted by author, not by the order in which I intend to read them. This is mostly because I have no idea what order I intend to read them in.

Count: 102

Currently Reading:
   "Lions of Al-Rassan" by Guy Gavriel Kay (New)
   "River of Blue Fire" by Tad Williams (Mike's)
   "Jeeves Omnibus I*" by P.G. Wodehouse (New)

Author Title Rating Genre Status Info
Adams, Douglas & Lloyd, JohnDeeper Meaning of Liff* HumorNew?
Ainsworth, William HarrisonLancashire Witches FictionNew?
Aldiss, BrianSaliva Tree* SFNew?
Asimov, IsaacIn the Beginning: Science Faces God in the Book of Genesis* Science/MathNew?
Banks, IainCanal Dreams FictionMike's?
Banks, IainSong of Stone FictionMike's?
Banks, IainWalking on Glass FictionMike's?
Benford, GregoryCosm* SFNew?
Benford, GregoryFurious Gulf [Galactic Centre 3] SFMike's?
Blixen, KarenOut of Africa FictionNew?
Brust, StevenPaths of the Dead [Phoenix Guards 3] FantasyNew?
Byatt, Andrew et alBlue Planet* Coffee TableNew?
Card, Orson ScottSaints FictionNew?
Card, Orson ScottShadow of the Hegemon* [Shadow Saga 2] SFNew?
Chalker, JackDemons at Rainbow Bridge [Quintara Marathon 1]7SFReread?
ChaucerCanterbury Tales* LiteratureNew?
Clarke, Arthur C.City and the Stars SFMike's?
Clarke, Arthur C.Fall of Moondust SFMike's?
Clarke, Arthur C.Greetings, Carbon-Based Bipeds!* NonfictionNew?
Clarke, Arthur C.Tales from Planet Earth* SFNew?
Clarke, Arthur C. & Benford, GregoryBeyond the Fall of Night* SFNew?
Collier, Mark & Manley, BillHow to Read Egyptian* LanguageNew?
Connor, J.E.Abandoned Stations on London's Underground* Coffee TableNew?
Cook, WilliamComplete Peter Cook NonfictionNew?
Dawkins, RichardClimbing Mount Improbable Science/MathNew?
Dawkins, RichardSelfish Gene* Science/MathNew?
de Camp, L. Sprague & Pratt, FletcherCompleat Enchanter* FantasyNew?
Delany, SamuelBabel-17* SFNew?
Dennett, DanielBrainchildren Mind/BrainMike's?
Dennett, DanielConsciousness Explained* Mind/BrainNew?
Dumas, AlexandreMan in the Iron Mask LiteratureNew?
Eddings, DavidHigh Hunt FictionNew?
Eddings, David and LeighRivan Codex FantasyNew?
Ellison, HarlanEssential Ellison SFNew?
Ellison, Harlan & Yerka, JacekMind Fields* SF/Coffee TableNew?
Elton, BenStark FictionNew?
Farmer, Philip JoseDayworld* SFNew?
Feynman, RichardCharacter of Physical Law* Math/ScienceNew?
Feynman, RichardSix Easy Pieces* [Lectures 1] Science/MathNew?
Feynman, RichardSix Not-So-Easy Pieces* [Lectures 2] Science/MathNew?
Gaiman, NeilDouglas Adams and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy BiographyMike's?
Gaiman, Neil et alWeerde* [Weerde 1] HorrorNew?
Games, AlexanderEssential Spike Milligan* NonfictionNew?
Harrison, M. JohnViriconium* SFNew?
Hawking, StephenOn the Shoulders of Giants* Math/ScienceNew?
Heinlein, RobertMoon is a Harsh Mistress SFNew?
Herbert, FrankEyes of Heisenberg* SFNew?
Jones, TerryFairy Tales* FantasyNew?
Kay, Guy GavrielLions of Al-Rassan FantasyNew?
Knight, DamonNatural State and Other Stories* SFNew?
LeGuin, UrsulaCity of Illusions* SFNew?
Malory, Sir ThomasNoble History of Arthur* FantasyNew?
May, JulianGolden Torc* [Saga of the Exiles 2] FantasyNew?
May, JulianNon-Born King* [Saga of the Exiles 3] FantasyNew?
May, JulianAdversary* [Saga of the Exiles 4] FantasyNew?
Moorcock, MichaelTime Dweller* SFNew?
Noon, JeffAutomated Alice SFMike's?
Noon, JeffNeedle in the Groove SFMike's?
Noon, JeffNymphomation SFMike's?
Noon, JeffPixel Juice SFMike's?
Park, PaulSugar Rain [Starbridge Chronicles 2] SFNew?
Park, PaulCult of Loving Kindness [Starbridge Chronicles 3] SFNew?
Parkinson, RichardCracking Codes: The Rosetta Stone and Decipherment* LanguageNew?
Peake, MervynTitus Alone [Gormenghast 3] FantasyMike's?
Penrose, RogerEmperor's New Mind* Science/MathNew?
Pohl, FrederikGateway* SFNew?
Pumfrey, StephenLatitude and the Magnetic Earth* NonfictionNew?
Rees, MartinOur Cosmic Habitat* Math/ScienceNew?
Rice, AnneMemnoch the Devil [Vampires 5] FictionNew?
Robinson, AndrewStory of Writing* LanguageNew?
Robinson, Kim StanleyBlue Mars [Mars 2] SFNew?
Rothstein, EdwardEmblems of Mind Science/MathNew?
Schama, SimonFate of Empire: 1776-2000* [History of Britain, Volume III] HistoryNew?
Seddon, PeterLaw's Strangest Cases* HumorNew?
Sellar, W.C. & Yeatman, R.J.Horse Nonsense* HumorNew?
Silverberg, RobertDying Inside SFMike's?
Silverberg, Robert (editor)Far Horizons SFNew?
Simmons, DanWorlds Enough & Time* SFNew?
Singh, SimonCode Book Science/MathMike's?
Smith, Michael MarshallWhat You Make It SFMike's?
Stasheff, ChristopherWarlock In Spite of Himself* FantasyNew?
Steele, AllenClarke County, Space SFNew?
Steele, AllenLunar Descent SFNew?
Steele, AllenOrbital Decay SFNew?
Steele, AllenTranquillity Alternative SFNew?
Swanwick, MichaelIron Dragon's Daughter SFNew?
Tolkien, ChristopherSauron Defeated* [History of Middle-Earth, Vol 9] ReferenceNew?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Roverandom* FantasyNew?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Tree and Leaf* NonfictionNew?
van Vogt, A.E.World of Null-A* SFNew?
Walters, MinetteAcid Row FictionNew?
Wells, H.G.Complete Stories of H.G. Wells* SFNew?
White, T.H.Once and Future King FantasyReread?
Williams, TadRiver of Blue Fire [Otherland 2] SFMike's?
Williams, TadMountain of Black Glass [Otherland 3] SFMike's?
Williams, TadSea of Silver Light* [Otherland 4] SFNew?
Wodehouse, P.G.Jeeves Omnibus I* FictionNew?
Wolfe, GeneFree Live Free SFNew?
Wolfe, GeneIsland of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories SFNew?
Wolfe, GenePeace* FantasyNew?
Wolfe, GeneStoreys from the Old Hotel SFNew?
Zelazny, RogerChronicles of Amber, Vol. 2 [Chronicles of Amber 3-5] SFNew?

* Ours, not just mine.

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