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Books - Everything Else

These are books I own that are neither fantasy nor science fiction. Due to the fact that I'm pretty single-minded, this list is badly outnumbered.

This list is sorted by genre first, then by author.

Count: 281

Author Title Rating Genre Info
Agar, JonTuring and the Universal Machine Biography?
Blundell, Nigel & Farrington, KarenEngland* Coffee Table?
Brabbs, DerryAbbeys & Monasteries* Coffee Table?
Byatt, Andrew et alBlue Planet* Coffee Table?
Connor, J.E.Abandoned Stations on London's Underground* Coffee Table?
Cotta Vaz, MarkIndustrial Light and Magic: Into the Digital Realm Coffee Table?
Feil, CharlesMaine: A View From Above Coffee Table?
Fisher, Adrian & Gerster, GeorgArt of the Maze* Coffee Table?
Fisher, JudeFellowship of the Ring Visual Companion* Coffee Table?
Goldsworthy, AndyCollaboration with Nature Coffee Table?
Goldsworthy, AndyTime* Coffee Table?
Huey, George et alChaco: A Cultural Legacy Coffee Table?
King, Stephen & Fitzgerald, F-StopNightmares in the Sky Coffee Table?
Kurti, JeffSince the World Began Coffee Table?
Lister, Florence & Wilson, LynnWindows of the Past: Ruins of the Colorado Plateau Coffee Table?
MacDonald, GeorgeEvolution of Coinage* Coffee Table?
McKean, DaveParticle Tarot* Coffee Table?
McNeill, GeorgeMysterious Places* Coffee Table?
Mitford, Deborah (Duchess of Devonshire)Gardens at Chatsworth* Coffee Table?
Murfin, JamesEastern National Parks Coffee Table?
Nicholas, Jeff et alIslands in the Sky: Scenes from the Colorado Plateau Coffee Table?
Nyiri, AlanAcadia National Park Coffee Table?
Pepper, J.H.Encyclopaedia of Science Coffee Table?
Place, ChuckAncient Walls: Indian Ruins of the Southwest Coffee Table?
Roberts, Bruce & Jones, RayNorthern Lighthouses Coffee Table?
Russell, GaryArt of The Fellowship of the Ring Coffee Table?
Shorto, Sylvia & Macdonald-Smith, IanBermuda Coffee Table?
Sibley, BrianLord of the Rings Movie Guide* Coffee Table?
Struthers, JaneBritain's Coastlines from the Air* Coffee Table?
Struthers, Jane & Hawkes, JasonBritain from the Air* Coffee Table?
Struthers, Jane & Hawkes, JasonBritain's History from the Air* Coffee Table?
Taylor, Gordon & Cooper, GuyGardens of Obsession* Coffee Table?
Taylor, PatrickOne Hundred English Gardens* Coffee Table?
Turpin, Richard & Hunt, RogerVillages of England* Coffee Table?
Williams, ArchibaldHow It Works* Coffee Table?
Wuerthner, GeorgeMaine Coast Coffee Table?
Ainsworth, William HarrisonLancashire Witches Fiction?
Blixen, KarenOut of Africa Fiction?
Card, Orson ScottSaints Fiction?
Clancy, TomHunt for Red October8Fiction?
Clancy, TomPatriot Games8Fiction?
Crichton, MichaelCongo7Fiction?
Crichton, MichaelEaters of the Dead5Fiction?
Crichton, MichaelRising Sun7Fiction?
Crichton, MichaelJurassic Park [1]7Fiction?
Crichton, MichaelLost World [2]7Fiction?
Eco, UmbertoFoucault's Pendulum9Fiction?
Eddings, DavidHigh Hunt Fiction?
Elton, BenPopcorn5Fiction?
Elton, BenStark Fiction?
Fitzgerald, F. ScottGreat Gatsby7Fiction?
Flagg, FannieFried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café6Fiction?
Forsyth, FrederickDay of the Jackal5Fiction?
Forsyth, FrederickFourth Protocol8Fiction?
Fry, StephenHippopotamus8Fiction?
Fry, StephenLiar7Fiction?
Grady, JamesSix Days of the Condor5Fiction?
Grisham, JohnPelican Brief5Fiction?
Harris, ThomasBlack Sunday6Fiction?
Harris, ThomasRed Dragon [1]8Fiction?
Harris, ThomasSilence of the Lambs [2]7Fiction?
Harris, ThomasHannibal [3]8Fiction?
Holland, IsabelleMan Without a Face7Fiction?
Hurston, Zora NealeTheir Eyes Were Watching God Fiction?
Le Carre, JohnSpy Who Came In From the Cold5Fiction?
Peters, EllisPilgrim of Hate*7Fiction?
Preston, Douglas & Child, LincolnRelic5Fiction?
Puzo, MarioGodfather Fiction?
Rice, AnneInterview with the Vampire [Vampires 1]7Fiction?
Rice, AnneVampire Lestat [Vampires 2]8Fiction?
Rice, AnneQueen of the Damned [Vampires 3]7Fiction?
Rice, AnneTale of the Body Thief [Vampires 4]2Fiction?
Rice, AnneMemnoch the Devil [Vampires 5] Fiction?
Sayle, AlexeiDog Catcher9Fiction?
Shaw, HowardKeepers of the Obelisk5Fiction?
Stephenson, Neal & George, FrederickInterface* Fiction?
Turow, ScottPresumed Innocent9Fiction?
Walters, MinetteAcid Row Fiction?
Wharton, EdithBuccaneers*7Fiction?
Wodehouse, P.G.Jeeves Omnibus I* Fiction?
Wodehouse, P.G.Love Among the Chickens6Fiction?
Eco, UmbertoName of the Rose8Fiction (Historical)?
Hambly, BarbaraFree Man of Color [January 1]6Fiction (Historical)?
Scott, Sir WalterIvanhoe8Fiction (Historical)?
Gaiman, NeilSandman Dustcovers* Graphic Novel?
Gaiman, NeilDoll's House* [Sandman 2] Graphic Novel?
Bates, BrianReal Middle-Earth: Magic & Mystery in the Dark Ages*3History?
Bierlein, J.F.Parallel Myths History?
Clayton, PeterChronicle of the Pharaohs History?
Green, John RichardShort History of the English People* History?
James, Peter & Thorpe, NickAncient Inventions History?
La Dolce VitaChocolate History?
Lewis, Carenza et alTime Team's Timechester: A Companion to Archaeology* History?
LivyEarly History of Rome History?
Price, AlfredSpitfire Story History?
Rohl, DavidPharaohs and Kings: A Biblical Quest History?
Schama, SimonAt the Edge of the World?: 3000BC - 1603 [History of Britain, Volume I] History?
Schama, SimonBritish Wars: 1603 - 1776* [History of Britain, Volume II] History?
Schama, SimonFate of Empire: 1776-2000* [History of Britain, Volume III] History?
Thorpe, LewisBayeux Tapestry and the Norman Invasion* History?
ThucydidesHistory of the Peloponnesian War History?
Card, Orson ScottHomebody7Horror?
Card, Orson ScottLost Boys7Horror?
Card, Orson ScottTreasure Box5Horror?
Gaiman, Neil et alWeerde* [Weerde 1] Horror?
Adams, Douglas & Lloyd, JohnDeeper Meaning of Liff* Humor?
Adams, ScottAlways Postpone Meetings with Time-Wasting Morons Humor?
Adams, ScottDilbert and the Way of the Weasel8Humor?
Adams, ScottDilbert Future Humor?
Adams, ScottDilbert Principle Humor?
Barry, DaveDave Barry's Bad Habits Humor?
Beard, Henry & Barrett, RonWay Things Really Work Humor?
Bryson, BillAfrican Diary* Humor?
Bryson, BillNeither Here Nor There*8Humor?
Bryson, BillNotes from a Big Country* Humor?
Bryson, BillNotes from a Small Island9Humor?
Bryson, BillWalk in the Woods*9Humor?
Burton, TimMelancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories* Humor?
Milligan, SpikeBible (Old Testament) According to Spike Milligan* Humor?
Milligan, SpikeSilly Verse for Kids* Humor?
Oblong, AngusCreepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children9Humor?
Seddon, PeterLaw's Strangest Cases* Humor?
Sellar, W.C. & Yeatman, R.J.1066 and All That*9Humor?
Sellar, W.C. & Yeatman, R.J.Garden Rubbish*7Humor?
Sellar, W.C. & Yeatman, R.J.Horse Nonsense* Humor?
Shepherd, ChuckAmerica's Least Competent Criminals Humor?
Thurber, JamesVintage Thurber Volume I* Humor?
Thurber, JamesVintage Thurber Volume II* Humor?
Watterson, BillAttack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons Humor?
Xenophobe's GuidesXenophobe's Guide to the Americans* Humor?
Xenophobe's GuidesXenophobe's Guide to the English* Humor?
Willis, Jeanne & Ross, TonyDr Xargle's Book of Earth Mobiles Humor/Children's?
Blyton, EnidSecret Seven* Juvenile?
Betro, Maria CarmelaHieroglyphics Language?
Bryson, BillMother Tongue: English & How It Got That Way*9Language?
Bryson, BillTroublesome Words* Language?
Collier, Mark & Manley, BillHow to Read Egyptian* Language?
Parkinson, RichardCracking Codes: The Rosetta Stone and Decipherment* Language?
Pyles, Thomas & Algeo, JohnOrigins & Development of the English Language Language?
Robinson, AndrewStory of Writing* Language?
AeschylusOresteia Literature?
Andersen, Hans ChristianFairy Tales* Literature?
Austen, JaneEmma6Literature?
Austen, JaneNorthanger Abbey6Literature?
Austen, JanePersuasion8Literature?
Austen, JanePride and Prejudice9Literature?
Austen, JaneSense and Sensibility5Literature?
Boccaccio, GiovanniDecameron Literature?
Brontë, CharlotteWuthering Heights7Literature?
Camus, AlbertStranger Literature?
ChaucerCanterbury Tales* Literature?
Chaucer, GeoffreyCanterbury Tales Literature?
Conan Doyle, Sir ArthurComplete Works Literature?
DanteInferno Literature?
de Cervantes, MiguelDon Quixote Literature?
de Laclos, ChoderlosLes Liaisons Dangereuses6Literature?
Dickens, CharlesOur Mutual Friend8Literature?
Dickens, CharlesTale of Two Cities8Literature?
Dostoevsky, FyodorCrime and Punishment Literature?
du Maurier, DaphneRebecca8Literature?
Dumas, AlexandreMan in the Iron Mask Literature?
Dumas, AlexandreThree Musketeers Literature?
EuripidesFour Tragedies Literature?
EuripidesTen Plays Literature?
EuripidesThree Tragedies Literature?
Flaubert, GustaveMadame Bovary Literature?
Hampton, ChristopherLes Liaisons Dangereuses (Screenplay) Literature?
HomerIliad Literature?
HomerOdyssey Literature?
Milton, JohnParadise Lost Literature?
Poe, Edgar AllanComplete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe* Literature?
Rostand, EdmondCyrano de Bergerac Literature?
Shakespeare, WilliamComplete Works Literature?
SophoclesThree Tragedies Literature?
Steinbeck, JohnTravels with Charley Literature?
Stoppard, TomRosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead Literature?
Tolstoy, LeoWar and Peace Literature?
UnknownArabian Nights* Literature?
VirgilAeneid Literature?
Walden and Other WritingsThoreau, Henry David Literature?
Wharton, EdithAge of Innocence7Literature?
Feynman, RichardCharacter of Physical Law* Math/Science?
Hawking, StephenOn the Shoulders of Giants* Math/Science?
Rees, MartinOur Cosmic Habitat* Math/Science?
Challoner, JackBrain* Mind/Brain?
Dennett, DanielConsciousness Explained* Mind/Brain?
Howard, PierceOwner's Manual for the Brain Mind/Brain?
Sacks, OliverMan Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat9Mind/Brain?
Dexter, ColinFourth Inspector Moore Omnibus6Mystery?
Dexter, ColinLast Bus to Woodstock6Mystery?
James, P.D.Shroud for a Nightingale4Mystery?
Peters, EllisPotter's Field [Cadfael 17]7Mystery?
Walters, MinetteBreaker7Mystery?
Walters, MinetteDark Room8Mystery?
Walters, MinetteEcho7Mystery?
Walters, MinetteIce House9Mystery?
Walters, MinetteScold's Bridle7Mystery?
Walters, MinetteSculptress7Mystery?
Walters, MinetteShape of Snakes*7Mystery?
Bryson, BillMade in America*8Nonfiction?
Clarke, Arthur C.Greetings, Carbon-Based Bipeds!* Nonfiction?
Cook, WilliamComplete Peter Cook Nonfiction?
Douglas, JohnMindhunter Nonfiction?
Douglas, JohnObsession Nonfiction?
Games, AlexanderEssential Spike Milligan* Nonfiction?
Huff, DarrellHow to Lie with Statistics* Nonfiction?
Pumfrey, StephenLatitude and the Magnetic Earth* Nonfiction?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Tree and Leaf* Nonfiction?
AristotleEthics Philosophy?
AristotlePolitics Philosophy?
Bach, RichardBridge Across Forever Philosophy?
Cahn, StevenClassics of Western Philosophy Philosophy?
Descartes, ReneDiscourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy Philosophy?
Freud, SigmundCivilization and its Discontents Philosophy?
Hobbes, ThomasLeviathan Philosophy?
Locke, JohnSecond Treatise of Government Philosophy?
Machiavelli, NiccoloPrince and the Discourses Philosophy?
Marsilius of PaduaDefensor Pacis Philosophy?
Pirsig, RobertZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance9Philosophy?
PlatoProtagoras and Meno Philosophy?
PlatoRepublic Philosophy?
PlatoSymposium Philosophy?
Russell, BertrandScientific Outlook* Philosophy?
Kiersey, DavidPlease Understand Me II Psychology?
Shermer, MichaelWhy People Believe Weird Things7Psychology?
Tannen, DeborahThat's Not What I Meant! Psychology?
Tannen, DeborahYou Just Don't Understand Psychology?
Ayture-Scheele, ZulalGreat Origami Book Reference?
Barlowe, WayneBarlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials Reference?
Barlowe, WayneBarlowe's Guide to Fantasy Reference?
Buisson, DominiqueArt of Japanese Paper Reference?
Carpenter, HumphreyLetters of JRR Tolkien Reference?
Day, DavidTolkien: The Illustrated Encyclopedia Reference?
Eyewitness Visual DictionariesVisual Dictionary of Buildings Reference?
Feldman, DavidWhy Do Clocks Run Clockwise? Reference?
Fonstad, Karen WynnAtlas of Middle-Earth Reference?
Foster, RobertComplete Guide to Middle-Earth Reference?
Foster, RobertGuide to Middle Earth Reference?
Funk, CharlesHeavens to Betsy! Reference?
Funk, CharlesHog on Ice Reference?
Grotta, DanielTolkien: Architect of Middle-Earth Reference?
Kocher, PaulMaster of Middle-Earth: The Achievement of JRR Tolkien* Reference?
Lerdorf, RasmusPHP Pocket Reference Reference?
March, Robert M.Reading the Japanese Mind Reference?
McNelly, WillisDune Encyclopedia Reference?
Niederst, JenniferHTML Pocket Reference Reference?
Noel, RuthLanguages of Tolkien's Middle-Earth Reference?
Tolkien, ChristopherUnfinished Tales Reference?
Tolkien, ChristopherBook of Lost Tales, Part 1 [History of Middle-Earth, Vol 1] Reference?
Tolkien, ChristopherBook of Lost Tales, Part 2 [History of Middle-Earth, Vol 2] Reference?
Tolkien, ChristopherShaping of Middle-Earth [History of Middle-Earth, Vol 4] Reference?
Tolkien, ChristopherWar of the Ring [History of Middle-Earth, Vol 8] Reference?
Tolkien, ChristopherSauron Defeated* [History of Middle-Earth, Vol 9] Reference?
Toy, SidneyCastles: Their Construction and History Reference?
Asimov, IsaacIn the Beginning: Science Faces God in the Book of Genesis* Science/Math?
Busbey, Arthur et al.Rocks & Fossils Science/Math?
Darwin, CharlesOrigin of Species Science/Math?
Dawkins, RichardBlind Watchmaker* Science/Math?
Dawkins, RichardClimbing Mount Improbable Science/Math?
Dawkins, RichardSelfish Gene* Science/Math?
Feynman, RichardPleasure of Finding Things Out Science/Math?
Feynman, RichardSix Easy Pieces* [Lectures 1] Science/Math?
Feynman, RichardSix Not-So-Easy Pieces* [Lectures 2] Science/Math?
Gribbin, JohnSchrodinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality Science/Math?
Gutsch, William A.1001 Things Everyone Should Know About the Universe Science/Math?
Hawking, StephenBrief History of Time9Science/Math?
Henbest, Nigel & Marten, MichaelNew Astronomy Science/Math?
Hofstadter, DouglasGodel, Escher, Bach Science/Math?
Hutton, NicholasEvidence of Evolution Science/Math?
Jones, SteveDescent of Men*8Science/Math?
Pasachoff, JayAstronomy: From the Earth to the Universe Science/Math?
Peltier, LeslieBinocular Stargazer Science/Math?
Penrose, RogerEmperor's New Mind* Science/Math?
Rothstein, EdwardEmblems of Mind Science/Math?
Sagan, CarlCosmos Science/Math?
Sagan, CarlDragons of Eden Science/Math?
Schneider, MichaelBeginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe: Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science Science/Math?
White, MichaelLeonardo: The First Scientist Science/Math?
Davidson, MartinVisitor's Guide to A History of Britain* Travel?
Harding, MariaWeather to Travel: Traveller's Guide to the World's Weather* Travel?
Tea CouncilBest Tea Places Travel?

* Ours, not just mine.

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