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Books - Fantasy

These are my fantasy books.

Count: 280

Author Title Rating Genre Info
Abbey, LynnUnicorn & Dragon Fantasy?
Akutagawa RyunosukeTales Grotesque and Curious Fantasy?
Anthony, PiersSpell for Chameleon [Xanth 1] Fantasy?
Anthony, PiersCastle Roogna [Xanth 3] Fantasy?
Anthony, PiersCentaur Isle [Xanth 4] Fantasy?
Anthony, PiersGolem in the Gears [Xanth 9] Fantasy?
Asprin, Robert LynnThieves' World [Thieves' World 1]8Fantasy?
Asprin, Robert LynnTales from the Vulgar Unicorn [Thieves' World 2]7Fantasy?
Brooks, TerryMagic Kingdom For Sale Fantasy?
Brooks, TerrySword of Shannara [Shannara 1]8Fantasy?
Brooks, TerryElfstones of Shannara [Shannara 2]7Fantasy?
Brust, StevenAgyar7Fantasy?
Brust, StevenBrokedown Palace9Fantasy?
Brust, StevenSun, the Moon and the Stars6Fantasy?
Brust, StevenTo Reign in Hell8Fantasy?
Brust, StevenPhoenix Guards [Phoenix Guards 1]10Fantasy?
Brust, StevenFive Hundred Years After [Phoenix Guards 2]10Fantasy?
Brust, StevenPaths of the Dead [Phoenix Guards 3] Fantasy?
Brust, StevenJhereg [Vlad Taltos 1]10Fantasy?
Brust, StevenYendi [Vlad Taltos 2]9Fantasy?
Brust, StevenTaltos [Vlad Taltos 3]8Fantasy?
Brust, StevenTeckla [Vlad Taltos 4]8Fantasy?
Brust, StevenPhoenix [Vlad Taltos 5]6Fantasy?
Brust, StevenAthyra [Vlad Taltos 6]7Fantasy?
Brust, StevenOrca [Vlad Taltos 7]8Fantasy?
Brust, StevenDragon [Vlad Taltos 8]7Fantasy?
Brust, StevenIssola* [Vlad Taltos 9]9Fantasy?
Brust, Steven & Bull, EmmaFreedom & Necessity9Fantasy (Historical)?
Brust, Steven & Lindholm, MeganGypsy7Fantasy?
Bull, EmmaFinder10Fantasy?
Bull, EmmaWar for the Oaks9Fantasy?
Bull, Emma & Shetterly, WillDouble Feature7Fantasy/SF?
Card, Orson ScottEnchantment8Fantasy?
Card, Orson ScottHart's Hope3Fantasy?
Cole, Allan & Bunch, ChrisFar Kingdoms3Fantasy?
Cook, GlenBlack Company [Black Company 1]8Fantasy?
Cook, GlenShadows Linger [Black Company 2] Fantasy?
Cook, GlenWhite Rose [Black Company 3] Fantasy?
Cook, GlenSilver Spike [Black Company 3.5] Fantasy?
Cook, GlenShadow Games [Black Company 4] Fantasy?
Cook, GlenDreams of Steel [Black Company 5] Fantasy?
Cook, GlenBleak Seasons [Glittering Stone 1] Fantasy?
Cook, GlenShe Is the Darkness [Glittering Stone 2] Fantasy?
Cook, GlenWater Sleeps [Glittering Stone 3]8Fantasy?
Cook, GlenSoldiers Live* [Glittering Stone 4]8Fantasy?
Dalkey, KaraGoa [1]3Fantasy?
Dalkey, KaraBijapur [2]3Fantasy?
Dann, Jack & Dozois, GardnerUnicorns! Fantasy?
de Camp, L. Sprague & Pratt, FletcherCompleat Enchanter* Fantasy?
Dean, PamelaDubious Hills8Fantasy?
Dean, PamelaTam Lin2Fantasy?
Donaldson, StephenLord Foul's Bane [Chronicles of Thomas Covenant 1]2Fantasy?
Donaldson, StephenIllearth War [Chronicles of Thomas Covenant 2]2Fantasy?
Douglas, Carole NelsonSix of Swords Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveRose-Red City8Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveCutting Edge [A Handful of Men 1]8Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveUpland Outlaws [A Handful of Men 2]8Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveStricken Field [A Handful of Men 3]8Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveLiving God [A Handful of Men 4]8Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveMagic Casement [A Man of His Word 1]8Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveFaery Lands Forlorn [A Man of His Word 2]8Fantasy?
Duncan, DavePerilous Seas [A Man of His Word 3]8Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveEmperor and Clown [A Man of His Word 4]8Fantasy?
Duncan, DavePast Imperative [Great Game 1]7Fantasy?
Duncan, DavePresent Tense [Great Game 2]7Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveFuture Indefinite [Great Game 3]7Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveGilded Chain [King's Blades 1]6Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveLord of the Fire Lands* [King's Blades 2]8Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveSky of Swords [King's Blades 3]7Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveSir Stalwart [King's Daggers 1]6Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveCrooked House* [King's Daggers 2]7Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveSilvercloak [King's Daggers 3]7Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveReluctant Swordsman [Reluctant Swordsman 1]5Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveComing of Wisdom [Reluctant Swordsman 2]5Fantasy?
Duncan, DaveDestiny of the Sword [Reluctant Swordsman 3]5Fantasy?
DunsanyKing of Elfland's Daughter3Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidPawn of Prophecy [Belgariad 1] Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidQueen of Sorcery [Belgariad 2] Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidMagician's Gambit [Belgariad 3] Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidCastle of Wizardry [Belgariad 4] Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidEnchanter's Endgame [Belgariad 5] Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidSapphire Rose [Elenium 1] Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidRuby Knight [Elenium 2] Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidDiamond Throne [Elenium 3] Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidGuardians of the West [Malloreon 1]8Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidKing of the Murgos [Malloreon 2] Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidDemon Lord of Karanda [Malloreon 3] Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidSorceress of Darshiva [Malloreon 4] Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidSeeress of Kell [Malloreon 5]8Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidDomes of Fire [Tamuli 1] Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidShining Ones [Tamuli 2] Fantasy?
Eddings, DavidHidden City [Tamuli 3] Fantasy?
Eddings, David and LeighBelgarath the Sorcerer Fantasy?
Eddings, David and LeighPolgara the Sorceress Fantasy?
Eddings, David and LeighRedemption of Athalus*6Fantasy?
Eddings, David and LeighRivan Codex Fantasy?
Feist, RaymondFaerie Tale Fantasy?
Feist, RaymondMagician: Apprentice [Magician 1] Fantasy?
Feist, RaymondMagician: Master [Magician 2] Fantasy?
Gaiman, NeilStardust7Fantasy?
Garner, AlanWeirdstone of Brisingamen* Fantasy?
Goldman, WilliamPrincess Bride7Fantasy?
Goodkind, TerryWizard's First Rule [Sword of Truth 1]6Fantasy?
Goodkind, TerryStone of Tears [Sword of Truth 2]2Fantasy?
Goodkind, TerryBlood of the Fold [Sword of Truth 3]1Fantasy?
Goodkind, TerryTemple of the Winds [Sword of Truth 4]1Fantasy?
Grahame, KennethWind in the Willows*8Fantasy?
Graves, RobertI, Claudius7Fantasy (Historical)?
Green, SimonBlue Moon Rising7Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraBride of the Rat God8Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraStranger at the Wedding9Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraDragonsbane [Aversin 1]9Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraDragonshadow [Aversin 2]7Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraKnight of the Demon Queen [Aversin 3]7Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraTime of the Dark [Darwath 1]7Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraWalls of Air [Darwath 2]6Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraArmies of Daylight [Darwath 3]6Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraMother of Winter [Darwath 4]5Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraIcefalcon's Quest [Darwath 5]6Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraRainbow Abyss [Rhion 1]3Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraMagicians of Night [Rhion 2]3Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraLadies of Mandrigyn [Sun Wolf 1]7Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraWitches of Wenshar [Sun Wolf 2]7Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraDark Hand of Magic [Sun Wolf 3]5Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraThose Who Hunt the Night [Vampires 1]8Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraTraveling with the Dead [Vampires 2]7Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraSilent Tower [Windrose 1]9Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraSilicon Mage [Windrose 2]8Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraDog Wizard [Windrose 3]7Fantasy?
Jones, TerryFairy Tales* Fantasy?
Jordan, RobertEye of the World [Wheel of Time 1]5Fantasy?
Jordan, RobertGreat Hunt [Wheel of Time 2]4Fantasy?
Kay, Guy GavrielSong for Arbonne8Fantasy?
Kay, Guy GavrielTigana9Fantasy?
Kay, Guy GavrielSummer Tree [Fionavar Tapestry 1]8Fantasy?
Kay, Guy GavrielWandering Fire* [Fionavar Tapestry 2]8Fantasy?
Kay, Guy GavrielDarkest Road* [Fionavar Tapestry 3]8Fantasy?
Kay, Guy GavrielSailing to Sarantium [Sarantine Mosaic 1]8Fantasy?
Kay, Guy GavrielLord of Emperors* [Sarantine Mosaic 2]8Fantasy?
King, StephenEyes of the Dragon8Fantasy?
Kurtz, KatherineDeryni Archives Fantasy?
Kurtz, KatherineDeryni Magic6Fantasy?
Kurtz, KatherineDeryni Rising [Deryni Chronicles 1]8Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Kurtz, KatherineDeryni Checkmate [Deryni Chronicles 2]8Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Kurtz, KatherineHigh Deryni [Deryni Chronicles 3]8Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Kurtz, KatherineHarrowing of Gwynedd [Heirs of St. Camber 1]3Fantasy?
Kurtz, KatherineKing Javan's Year [Heirs of St. Camber 2]6Fantasy?
Kurtz, KatherineBastard Prince [Heirs of St. Camber 3]6Fantasy?
Kurtz, KatherineQuest for Saint Camber [Histories of King Kelson 1]8Fantasy?
Kurtz, KatherineBishop's Heir [Histories of King Kelson 2]8Fantasy?
Kurtz, KatherineKing's Justice [Histories of King Kelson 3]8Fantasy?
Kurtz, KatherineKing Kelson's Bride* [Histories of King Kelson 4]6Fantasy?
Kurtz, KatherineCamber of Culdi [Legends of Camber of Culdi 1]7Fantasy?
Kurtz, KatherineSaint Camber [Legends of Camber of Culdi 2]7Fantasy?
Kurtz, KatherineCamber the Heretic [Legends of Camber of Culdi 3]7Fantasy?
Kurtz, Katherine & Harris, Deborah TurnerAdept [Adept 1]6Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Kurtz, Katherine & Harris, Deborah TurnerAdept/Lodge of the Lynx [Adept 2]5Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Kushner, EllenSwordspoint6Fantasy?
Kushner, EllenThomas the Rhymer4Fantasy?
L'Engle, MadeleineWrinkle in Time [1] Fantasy (Juvenile)?
L'Engle, MadeleineWind in the Door [2] Fantasy (Juvenile)?
L'Engle, MadeleineSwiftly Tilting Planet [3] Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Lackey, MercedesFirebird4Fantasy?
LeGuin, UrsulaAlways Coming Home Fantasy (Historical)?
LeGuin, UrsulaWind's Twelve Quarters8Fantasy?
LeGuin, UrsulaWizard of Earthsea [Earthsea 1]9Fantasy?
LeGuin, UrsulaTombs of Atuan [Earthsea 2]9Fantasy?
LeGuin, UrsulaFarthest Shore [Earthsea 3]8Fantasy?
LeGuin, UrsulaTehanu [Earthsea 4]7Fantasy?
LeGuin, UrsulaOther Wind* [Earthsea 6]8Fantasy?
Lewis, C.S.Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe [Chronicles of Narnia 1] Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Lewis, C.S.Prince Caspian [Chronicles of Narnia 2] Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Lewis, C.S.Voyage of the "Dawn Treader" [Chronicles of Narnia 3] Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Lewis, C.S.Silver Chair [Chronicles of Narnia 4] Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Lewis, C.S.Horse and His Boy [Chronicles of Narnia 5] Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Lewis, C.S.Magician's Nephew [Chronicles of Narnia 6] Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Lewis, C.S.Last Battle [Chronicles of Narnia 7] Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Malory, Sir ThomasNoble History of Arthur* Fantasy?
May, JulianMany-Coloured Land [Saga of the Exiles 1]6Fantasy?
May, JulianGolden Torc* [Saga of the Exiles 2] Fantasy?
May, JulianNon-Born King* [Saga of the Exiles 3] Fantasy?
May, JulianAdversary* [Saga of the Exiles 4] Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneGirl Who Heard Dragons Fantasy (Juvenile)?
McCaffrey, AnneDragonflight [Dragonriders of Pern 1 (Pern 07)]7Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneDragonquest [Dragonriders of Pern 2 (Pern 08)]7Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneWhite Dragon [Dragonriders of Pern 3 (Pern 09)]8Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneDragonsong [Harper Hall 1 (Pern 10)] Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneDragonsinger [Harper Hall 2 (Pern 11)]8Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneDragondrums [Harper Hall 3 (Pern 12)]8Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneDragonsdawn [Pern 01]9Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneChronicles of Pern: First Fall [Pern 02]7Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneChronicles of Pern: Red Star Rising [Pern 03] Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneDragonseye [Pern 04] Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneMoreta [Pern 05]8Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneNerilka's Story [Pern 06]7Fantasy (Juvenile)?
McCaffrey, AnneRenegades of Pern [Pern 13]6Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneAll the Weyrs of Pern [Pern 14]9Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneMasterharper of Pern [Pern 15]4Fantasy?
McCaffrey, AnneDolphins of Pern [Pern 16]6Fantasy (Juvenile)?
McCaffrey, AnneSkies of Pern* [Pern 17]7Fantasy?
McDowell, IanMerlin's Gift3Fantasy?
McKillip, PatriciaBook of Atrix Wolfe5Fantasy?
McKillip, PatriciaChangeling Sea Fantasy?
McKillip, PatriciaForgotten Beasts of Eld8Fantasy?
McKillip, PatriciaWinter Rose5Fantasy?
McKillip, PatriciaSorceress and the Cygnet [Cygnet 1] Fantasy?
McKillip, PatriciaCygnet and the Firebird [Cygnet 2] Fantasy?
McKillip, PatriciaRiddle-Master of Hed [Riddle-Master 1] Fantasy?
McKillip, PatriciaHeir of Sea and Fire [Riddle-Master 2] Fantasy?
McKillip, PatriciaHarpist in the Wind [Riddle-Master 3] Fantasy?
Moon, ElizabethSheepfarmer's Daughter [Deed of Paksenarrion 1]8Fantasy?
Moon, ElizabethDivided Allegiance [Deed of Paksenarrion 2]7Fantasy?
Moon, ElizabethOath of Gold [Deed of Paksenarrion 3]7Fantasy?
Moon, ElizabethSurrender None [Legacy of Gird 1]6Fantasy?
Moon, ElizabethLiar's Oath [Legacy of Gird 2]7Fantasy?
Moorcock, MichaelElric of Melnibone4Fantasy?
Myers, John MyersSilverlock7Fantasy?
Park, PaulGospel of Corax6Fantasy?
Peters, EllisMonk's Hood7Fantasy?
Peters, EllisRaven in the Foregate7Fantasy?
Powers, TimStress of Her Regard4Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryCarpet People8Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryOnly You Can Save Mankind8Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryTruckers* [Bromeliad 1]8Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryDiggers* [Bromeliad 2]8Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryWings* [Bromeliad 3]8Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryColour of Magic [Discworld 01]7Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryEqual Rites [Discworld 03]8Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryMort [Discworld 04]8Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryPyramids [Discworld 07]9Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryGuards! Guards! [Discworld 08]9Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryMoving Pictures [Discworld 10]8Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerrySmall Gods [Discworld 13]9Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryMen at Arms [Discworld 15]8Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryLast Hero* [Discworld 27]10Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryAmazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents* [Discworld 28]8Fantasy?
Pratchett, TerryNight Watch* [Discworld 29]8Fantasy?
Pratchett, Terry et al.Science of Discworld II: The Globe*8Fantasy?
Pullman, PhilipNorthern Lights [His Dark Materials 1]7Fantasy?
Pullman, PhilipSubtle Knife [His Dark Materials 2]7Fantasy?
Pullman, PhilipAmber Spyglass [His Dark Materials 3]7Fantasy?
Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [Harry Potter 1]7Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets* [Harry Potter 2]7Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban* [Harry Potter 3]8Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Rowling, J.K.Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire* [Harry Potter 4]8Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Shetterly, WillElsewhere7Fantasy?
Shetterly, WillNevernever7Fantasy?
Shetterly, Will & Bull, EmmaLiavek [Liavek 1]7Fantasy?
Shetterly, Will & Bull, EmmaLiavek: Players of Luck [Liavek 2]7Fantasy?
Shetterly, Will & Bull, EmmaLiavek: Wizard's Row [Liavek 3]8Fantasy?
Shetterly, Will & Bull, EmmaLiavek: Festival Week [Liavek 5]6Fantasy?
Shinn, SharonShape-Changer's Wife7Fantasy?
Silverberg, RobertBook of Skulls8Fantasy?
Stasheff, ChristopherWarlock In Spite of Himself* Fantasy?
Stewart, MaryPrince and the Pilgrim4Fantasy (Juvenile)?
Stewart, MaryCrystal Cave [Merlin 1]7Fantasy?
Stewart, MaryHollow Hills [Merlin 2] Fantasy?
Stewart, MaryLast Enchantment [Merlin 3] Fantasy?
Stewart, MaryWicked Day [Merlin 4] Fantasy?
Tepper, SheriBeauty2Fantasy?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Hobbit9Fantasy?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Lord of the Rings (Red Book)10Fantasy?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Roverandom* Fantasy?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Silmarillion9Fantasy?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Smith of Wooton Major/Farmer Giles of Ham Fantasy?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Fellowship of the Ring [Lord of the Rings 1]10Fantasy?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Two Towers [Lord of the Rings 2]9Fantasy?
Tolkien, J.R.R.Return of the King [Lord of the Rings 3]10Fantasy?
Vance, JackLyonesse*7Fantasy?
Walton, EvangelineSong of Rhiannon Fantasy?
White, T.H.Once and Future King Fantasy?
Williams, TadDragonbone Chair [Memory, Sorrow & Thorn 1] Fantasy?
Williams, TadStone of Farewell [Memory, Sorrow & Thorn 2]7Fantasy?
Williams, TadTo Green Angel Tower, Part 1 [Memory, Sorrow & Thorn 3]8Fantasy?
Williams, TadTo Green Angel Tower, Part 2 [Memory, Sorrow & Thorn 4]8Fantasy?
Windling, TerriBorderland6Fantasy?
Windling, TerriBordertown7Fantasy?
Windling, TerriEssential Bordertown7Fantasy?
Windling, TerriWood Wife Fantasy?
Wolfe, GenePeace* Fantasy?

* Ours, not just mine.

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