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Books - Buying Queue

These are books I intend to buy. There are several ways a book can end up doing time on this list.

Count: 31

Author Title Genre Info
Auster, PaulMr. VertigoSF?
Benford, GregoryGreat Sky River [Galactic Centre 1]SF?
Benford, GregoryTides of Light [Galactic Centre 2]SF?
Blish, JamesCase of ConscienceSF?
Brin, DavidPractice EffectSF?
Bury, StephenCobwebFiction?
Duncan, DaveCursedFantasy?
Duncan, DaveHunter's HauntFantasy?
Duncan, DaveShadowFantasy?
Duncan, DaveStringsFantasy?
Eddings, David and LeighRegina's SongFiction?
Goldsworthy, AndyStoneCoffee Table?
Goldsworthy, AndyWoodCoffee Table?
Hambly, BarbaraDragonstar [Aversin 4]Fantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraFever Season [January 2]Fiction (Historical)?
Hambly, BarbaraGraveyard Dust [January 3]Fiction (Historical)?
Hambly, BarbaraQuirinal Hill AffairFantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraSearch the Seven HillsFantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraSisters of the RavenFantasy?
Hambly, BarbaraSold Down the River [January 4]Fantasy (Historical)?
Herbert, Brian & Anderson, KevinButlerian Jihad [Prelude to Dune 4]SF?
Kay, Guy GavrielLions of Al-RassanFantasy?
O'Leary, PatrickImpossible BirdFantasy?
Shetterly, Will & Bull, EmmaLiavek 4 [Liavek 4]Fantasy?
Shetterly, Will & Bull, EmmaLiavek 6 [Liavek 6]Fantasy?
Smith, Michael MarshallClonesSF?
Vinge, VernorTatja Grimm's WorldSF?
Vinge, VernorThreats and Other PromisesSF?
Vinge, VernorWitlingSF?
Zelazny, RogerGuns of Avalon [Chronicles of Amber 2]SF?
Zelazny, RogerNine Princes in Amber [Chronicles of Amber 1]SF?

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